The Shadow


This book is for those individuals who have entered the Shadow . You will know when this has happened . Your marriage may have failed , you may have lost your job , you may have an illness or depression . The whole world will appear to have turned against you . No amount of positive thinking seems to make any difference and your old ways of dealing with life make no difference . You feel that you have no control over anything and the harder you try , the worse your life seems to become . Nothing you do seems to work . You are in the Shadow .

The Shadow can be an extremely frightening and threatening place . All sorts of dark characters and events may intrude into your life and it may appear to be a very negative experience . Actually , the opposite is true . We experience life through a purely material outlook , but from a spiritual perspective these negative events are a hugely positive opportunity to enter into the deepest realms of your psyche and bring the darkest parts of yourself to the surface for healing .

The Shadow is the place within you that holds the repressed pieces of your personality . Most of the time you are completely unaware of this part of yourself and will have had only vague glimpses of it , but it is there that not only does your not-very-nice self reside but also the far larger and immeasurably greater You that you are , believe it or not ! I hope , by reading this book , it will give you an insight into its characteristics and how to deal with it .

In order to read it click on The Shadow – pdf book . Please feel to download .

Image by Josh Otis .


7 thoughts on “The Shadow

  1. I don’t know who you are, Frank, but from what i have read so far (this is my first time on your sites), you seem to be a caring, loving person. Thank you for the book.

    1. Hi Susan – I have my moments . I hope the book is helpful . I noticed on the other site you’ve completed The Course of Miracles and the book stems from ACIM .

      1. Oh does it? Well, that’s fantastic…. I will read it with that in mind… am reading a book by the same author of that currently… “A Woman’s Worth” – quite enlightening….

      2. Well… I can’t reply to my reply below, but I must correct what I posted, cuz I thought that Marianne Williamson was the original source of ACIM, but I guess she just facilitated it, but I always associated it with her…. maybe there’s another similar thing? Idk, but anyway, there ya go..

    2. Yes, I think he really is a very caring and loving person! I have been on his sites now for years and I can attest to that…. very wise as well! Sorry for all the compliments… but tell it as it is! 😉

  2. I have perused your sites (mostly the main one – Merovee), for years now… you know me as Riddle in a Rhyme or just ‘Riddle’ usually I think… it’s been a while since I’ve been on, but anyway, I know I looked at this book before, but just looked at it again now and re-downloaded it… and it is utterly amazing! Just what I needed at this moment as I have been going through some ‘dark nights of the soul’ and experiencing the ‘Shadow’ although I am coming out of it now… but almost all of last year was about ‘the Shadow’ and now…. I am emerging out of the shadows and into the Light… but never forgetting where I came from, because you can’t forget, you don’t want to forget, it is what made us what we are.. anyway, thanks again even though this is from a while ago….

    1. Hi Riddle – great to hear from you. And great you got something from the book. The Shadow is a difficult and challenging experience but I think we’ve been going through the collective shadow over the last few years. It’s a form of alchemy – pummelling us into what we are.

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