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The Return To Camelot

And it was all just a ‘Dream’ – “Bobby, it was awful” .


Pam’s Dream – ‘The Return to Camelot’


Time to wake up !



The Time Lord

Recently , I managed to watch a rerun of an old Doctor Who episode from 2008 called “Human Nature” . As I have got older, I have found myself more and more interested in sci-fi as it seems to be the only medium which concerns itself with deeper truths .

In this episode, to escape from an enemy Dr Who decides he must let go his Time Lord self and hide himself on Earth as a normal human being . Doing this means he has to forget that he is a Time Lord and he becomes a teacher at a school . The new persona, John Smith has strange dreams of his previous self but finds himself under attack from his enemies .

After a series of adventures, he manages to defeat his foe and then changes back into his former self, leaves the Earth and continues his journey through time and space .

This is the story of humanity . We have come to Earth and deliberately forgotten who we are to escape from our enemy but there the similarity ends . In the episode, the Doctor has to confront a real enemy but the enemy we are attempting to escape from is not our foe .

The fear of God is the root cause of the dysfunction in the Mind of humanity . We have separated ourself from God in this physical world to protect ourselves against this unlikely enemy . We have invented stories about God’s judgment and anger with humanity which increase the fear and prolong the separation .

It is impossible to actually be separate from “All There Is” because “All There Is” is “All There Is” but like the Doctor we have forgotten our true selves . Continuing the Time theme, the alarm clock is now ringing and we are slowly awakening to who we are .

We think we are John Smith when we are really a Time Lord .



You may not realise it but you are in “Heaven” now and always have been . There has never been a moment when you have not been in heaven . But I hear you say, this is not heaven and my life is closer to hell . How can I possibly be in heaven ?

It is impossible for us to leave the Source and we are only imagining this separation . This dream consists of death, pain, illness, war, poverty etc but it does not really exist as “heaven” is the only real experience and our human reality is false .

From The Bible : “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept” . Nowhere does it say that Adam awoke .

We are dreaming a dream of separation and death . Some people have referred to the consciousness shift as “The Awakening” and this is close to the truth . We are waking up from a long dream and for some, it has been a nightmare but that is all it is .

A common characteristic of dreams is we soon forget them once we are awake, and even the nightmares do not frighten us for long, as we realise they are just dreams . This is how we will view this world when we awake . We will realise we have just been dreaming and the nightmarish figures in this dream are not real and cannot harm us .

We have never left heaven and it is impossible, as heaven is all there is . You are in Heaven right now, right here .