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The Asylum

Recently I viewed a video of an interview between Russell Brand and David Icke which can be found at the bottom of the article . In the video, David Icke compares our reality to a ‘Lunatic Asylum’ . I have used this metaphor many times but watching the video, the analogy really hit home .




The Lunatic Asylum is a very large hospital and at present, holds approximately 7 billion human inmates . The vast majority of the patients have no idea that they live in an asylum, as they have all been born into the hospital and believe there is nothing outside it . Very few ever question the situation and accept the strange customs of the hospital without thinking, as this is the way it’s always been .

The patients divide themselves into different groups which they call countries and they continually fight amongst themselves . A lot of the patients are bullies and they are always looking for fights with the weaker members of the asylum, for power and control . All the patients will eventually die but it is replenished with new inmates, as the patients reproduce .

The grounds of the asylum are actually very pleasant . It has breathtaking scenery with beautiful green fields, rivers and mountains and supplies an abundance of everything but the patients squabble amongst themselves and attempt to keep this abundance for themselves . Sometimes groups are not able to feed themselves because the greediest take what they can and won’t share it with the rest of the patients . And even though the grounds are beautiful, some of the inmates don’t care and poison them so they can get more .



Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, USA


The asylum has Staff to look after the patients . As the patients can be a bit hyperactive, the staff have devised various techniques and games to drug the inmates to keep them under control . One of the most popular games is ‘Monopoly ‘ . In this game, the patients attempt to accumulate as many bits of paper, coin, shiny bits of metal and land as they can and the winners of the game are very proud of themselves and believe they are better than the other patients .

The staff also like to keep everyone busy and have invented a system called ‘Work’ where from a young age the patients go to different establishments within the hospital and are kept busy doing useless and repetitive tasks . And it is only when they are very old does the work stop . Another technique to keep everyone distracted are recreational films and television which the patients really like, and they are also used by the staff to tell the inmates what to do and think . The male patients enjoy physical sports such as running and playing games with balls and these games are shown a lot on the tele-visual screens, and everyone gets really excited about them . And the staff have arranged a competitive game for the female patients – “Who is the prettiest Princess ?” .

Actually, the staff are not staff but are in fact, patients who have taken control of the hospital and like to tell the other inmates what to do but have put on a white coat with a badge titled ‘Staff’ on the lapel, which makes them think they are really important . And the staff have convinced other patients to control the rest of the hospital with force and violence if they think it is necessary . But like the patients, the staff are unaware they are in a Lunatic Asylum but in the Boardroom of the hospital, the directors are fully aware of the situation but want to keep everyone within the asylum, for their own reasons, and ironically declare that patients who say the hospital is an asylum are ‘Mad’ .



The Staff


But there is another facet to the Lunatic Asylum which the patients don’t know and that is, there are not a multitude of patients but in fact only one patient and the Asylum does not really exist . This patient is very scared and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and has retreated into a make believe world where he imagines that he is many separated individuals all alone in the world . He is, in fact a voluntary patient in his own hospital and out of fear has become institutionalised . Not a good prognosis for the patient .

But there can be a happy ending for the patient . The patient is not really mad at all you see, but is only dreaming of Madness in a nightmare of death, fear, scarcity, greed, hate and guilt . And even more encouragingly, the ‘Cure’ is surprisingly simple . All he has to do is let the nightmare go and wake up .

The alarm clock is ringing .







According to the media, the world is awash with debt . Government debt, corporate debt and personal debt are owed to someone, somewhere . In reality, there is no debt – no one owes anybody, anything . It is literally a figment of our Ego’s feverish imagination but with spiritual vision, we can see through the illusion .


There are three reasons why debt is not true . Firstly, money does not exist in our imagined world . All Spirit can see is painted paper and lumps of metal which we then say is valuable . The amount of money in your bank statement are just figures on a screen and if you had access to the computer which is able to increase this amount, you could alter the amount without anything being done . The only value money has is the one we give to it – if collectively the world decided to give up using money, the world would carry on turning .

Secondly, government and corporations do not exist . They are only imagined concepts and have no solid reality . When the newspapers say the US government owes $20 trillion or whatever the figure is, we are saying an imagined government owes a large amount of nothing to someone, probably China, another unreal government . Just because someone signs a piece of paper saying something exists, in this case corporations and governments, it doesn’t make it so in reality .

When a borrower takes a mortgage with a financial institution, it is entering into an agreement with an illusion, which only exists in the mind . Barclays Bank, Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America are not real and yet we believe our survival is dependent on them . The only power they have, is the power we give them .

However, it is the third reason why Spirit would not understand the concept of debt which is most important . Our Ego sees the world as separated . It sees separate bodies which we then call ‘I’ or ‘Me’ and we imagine ourselves to be separate and divided from each other . This is false vision and in reality we are joined as One . The ego may say A owes B $5000- but Spirit doesn’t see it that way as it understands A only owes the money to him or her self . It is only the ego which makes the distinction between A and B – in reality, this distinction is false .

Debt is another illusion of the ego, to go along with all the rest . We are One and nothing belongs to just one person – nothing is owed to anyone . As the Bard said, only “thinking makes it so” .


When Two Tribes Go To War

I live in a country, Britain who seem to have been in a permanent state of war for the last one thousand years . We have fought on all continents, except Antarctica and that is probably because there is no one to fight apart from the penquins . We are presently involved in Libya and Afghanistan and have only just got out from Iraq .

When the 1st World War ended, it was declared the war to end all wars but within twenty five years another World War had begun . Each time we are told, we are fighting for peace but once one war ends, another soon starts . It is not just Britain and even before nation states were invented, tribes would fight each other and this still continues in small tribes across the globe . It appears that War is hard wired into the psyche of humans, at least amongst men . But even women have their own version of wars amongst themselves and men in the “gender war” .

Wars are fought for power, resources, territory and out of hatred for other tribes . Sometimes it appears we have wars just for the hell of it and some psychologists claim that sports are war in another form . Presumably, there has to be a root cause for this desire to fight and compete against each other .

I work from the assumption that our external world is an illusion and War is the reflection of a division in the Mind of humanity . Sometimes, I wonder if this world and the wars are a projection of other events taking place somewhere else, away from our consciousness . So who is doing the fighting in the Mind and for what purpose ? In my opinion it is only the ego that fights and its enemy is Life/God/Spirit depending on your phraseology and it sees itself in a continual battle against this foe .

The ego wants to be Top Dog, King of the World in defiance of Life and War is a method to achieve this aim but it is always disappointed, as even when it obtains what it craves, it is not enough and never lasts . But all the wars are pointless as its enemy cannot be beaten or hurt, and it is even more futile when you realise everything else is yourself and are declaring War on yourself .

The War is only taking place in our Mind, and at a level we cannot see there is only One Mind which is divided . Humanity is similar to a football team, which has no opposition but before kick off the team start fighting . If we wanted we could score as many goals as we liked but we continue the fighting amongst ourselves, so no goals are ever scored .

We/You/I are only fighting ourselves . If we want to stop War, the United Nations or whoever will never succeed as long as the same consciousness exists in the Mind . If you really want peace, the place to start is in your Mind .


The Long and the Short and the Tall


Bless ‘Em All, Bless ‘Em All
The Long and the Short and the Tall

From Deepak Chopra – Power, Freedom and Grace :

As a person, I appear to be separate from others . So I think, I am Deepak . I am here, and you are there . This one is a friend, that one is an enemy . This one is good, that one is bad . But it’s all a projection of consciousness . There’s no such thing as a “person”. What we call a person is infinite consciousness manifesting as a transient pattern of behaviour . If you think of yourself as a person, then you will see people everywhere . But if you realise you’re not a person, then you will feel the presence of spirit, the one Being, everywhere . The Being who’s looking out of my eyes, and the Being who’s looking out of your eyes, is the same Being in a different disguise .

The Universe is the dream of the infinite consciousness, and in this dream is born the ego-sense and the fantasy that there are others . But all these others are nothing but dream objects . In the tangled hierarchy of creation, everything is inseparably one, and there is only interdependent co-creation .

Infinite consciousness is a field of all possibilities, and when the Universe is flowing through us without interference, we find all of these realities where consciousness plays itself out as space, time, matter and causality . But go beyond the field of thought, the field of emotions, the field of ego, the field of personality, and there’s only one field left . That’s who we are – the field of pure consciousness localising as a person . 


The Three Faces Of Eve

The most distinctive feature of Multiple Personality Disorder is the formation and emergence of alternate personality states or ‘alters’. Patients with MPD experience their alters as distinctive personalities possessing different names, histories and personality traits . It is not unusual for MPD patients to have alters of different genders, sexual orientations, ages or nationalities . Some patients have been reported with alters that are not even human : alters have been animals or aliens from outer space . The average MPD patient has between two or ten alters, but some have been recorded with over one hundred .


The Three Faces of Eve,
a major film in the 1950s , is the true story of a young housewife who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder . The film tells the story of Eve White ( a pseudonym ) in an unhappy marriage, who was referred to psychiatrists by her doctor due to headaches and blackouts . During one therapy session , good time girl Eve Black emerged . Eve Black knew all about Eve White and scorned White’s life as a boring waste of time .

Her psychiatrists treated both Eves, sometimes using hypnotism . Subsequently, a further personality, Jane emerged . Over many sessions, several traumatic childhood events such as Eve White being forced to kiss her dead grandmother were disclosed . Over time these three personalities attempted some form of resolution . The doctors were uncertain that she was fully cured but optimistic that she faced a more stable future .

One of the major beliefs of the New Age movement is that the World is One .This idea, inherited from Buddhism seems at first glance to be odd as the world we see is full of individual objects . How can the world be one and why does it appear to be divided ? I believe that there is only One Mind – a Supersoul, if you like – and that all our thoughts and hence our actions come from here . Even though people may appear to make individual choices they all emanate from this source, which has a fixed view of the world .

Psychiatrists believe that Multiple Personality Disorder is triggered by some form of trauma, which forces the personality to split into these different facets . A dominant personality will appear and it is only when some event occurs, normally traumatic will the others emerge and the process of attempting to integrate these different characters begins .

My view is that originally we were One Mind but our Mind split into distinct ‘ alters ‘ and from this split the emotions of guilt, hate, anger, loneliness etc were born . The world, in effect has Multiple Personality Disorder !  An individual, with MPD will only form a relatively few number of personalities but the universe has formed an unimaginable number .

One of the goals of the present consciousness shift is to end the idea of separation where we think we are isolated and separate from the rest of Creation . Hopefully it will end our selfish, dog eat dog view of the world and we will be able to rejoin with our spiritual Self and each other . I believe globalisation is a sign this is already happening and the barriers between races, cultures and religions are slowly dismantled . In reality we are all joined for eternity and the small me does not really exist . It is this realisation which which will transform the world and looking around, it can’t come a minute too soon !


The Biggest Secret

I originally wrote this post ” The Biggest Secret ” for my other blog Merovee before I started Merovee’s Child . This is more appropriate for this blog so I am repeating it here :

The Secret we deliberately keep from our conscious Mind is that we have agreed to all the pain and suffering in the World . We like to think we have no responsibility for events that happen, especially the so called bad ones such as wars, disease and death . We are actually One Mind but we decided to separate into individual bodies and create the physical universe we see . Our Egoic mind then created defences such as emotional states, which include guilt, anger, fear and the rest . In the physical world, other defences such as death, pain, war, disease and Time are used to continue this separation in our Mind .

This happened a long time ago and we have deliberately forgotten who we are but the egoic Mind, like a programmed computer keeps pumping out the orders to us, so we may remain divided . All conflicts stem from this desire to remain separate, but we agreed to this and are responsible for everything we see . The world we see is not real, but an incredibly sophisticated Virtual Reality world, which we use to hide away and continue the separation . In this dense vibration, it is very difficult for Spirit, for want of a better word, to exist as we have deliberately set up a system to avoid joining . You and I agreed to this and whenever we see something we don’t like, be aware that you have given your permission for it to happen .

Why do we agree to this ? We use the physical universe is so we can be separate from God . Rather like stroppy teenagers, we decided to separate from our Creator in rebellion to do our ‘ own thing ‘ . For some unknown reason, we came to believe God was our enemy, who wishes us to be in pain but it is not God who wants this for us but our choice so we may remain separate . It is actually impossible to be separate from God, as God is Life and so are we, but we can believe we are divided from the divine and it is only in the egoic Mind that this belief lives . It is not real . 

Over the last hundred years or so, there has been a steady and slowly increasing amount of ‘ Light ‘ into the Earth and this has caused massive upheaval as our egoic Mind tries to resist it . The only reason for the many wars we have is to fight the Light and continue the separation from God and Life . However it has been decided that the separation is to end and for us to rejoin with God . Continuing the stroppy teenager analogy, we are now eighteen years old and it is time for us to leave our childish and teenage tantrums behind and join the grown up World . The decision has been made and resistance only delays the inevitable and causes unnecessary suffering . Literally, all we have to do is decide to end the Separation and our World of pain will cease to be . You know it makes sense .