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The Asylum

Recently I viewed a video of an interview between Russell Brand and David Icke which can be found at the bottom of the article . In the video, David Icke compares our reality to a ‘Lunatic Asylum’ . I have used this metaphor many times but watching the video, the analogy really hit home .




The Lunatic Asylum is a very large hospital and at present, holds approximately 7 billion human inmates . The vast majority of the patients have no idea that they live in an asylum, as they have all been born into the hospital and believe there is nothing outside it . Very few ever question the situation and accept the strange customs of the hospital without thinking, as this is the way it’s always been .

The patients divide themselves into different groups which they call countries and they continually fight amongst themselves . A lot of the patients are bullies and they are always looking for fights with the weaker members of the asylum, for power and control . All the patients will eventually die but it is replenished with new inmates, as the patients reproduce .

The grounds of the asylum are actually very pleasant . It has breathtaking scenery with beautiful green fields, rivers and mountains and supplies an abundance of everything but the patients squabble amongst themselves and attempt to keep this abundance for themselves . Sometimes groups are not able to feed themselves because the greediest take what they can and won’t share it with the rest of the patients . And even though the grounds are beautiful, some of the inmates don’t care and poison them so they can get more .



Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, USA


The asylum has Staff to look after the patients . As the patients can be a bit hyperactive, the staff have devised various techniques and games to drug the inmates to keep them under control . One of the most popular games is ‘Monopoly ‘ . In this game, the patients attempt to accumulate as many bits of paper, coin, shiny bits of metal and land as they can and the winners of the game are very proud of themselves and believe they are better than the other patients .

The staff also like to keep everyone busy and have invented a system called ‘Work’ where from a young age the patients go to different establishments within the hospital and are kept busy doing useless and repetitive tasks . And it is only when they are very old does the work stop . Another technique to keep everyone distracted are recreational films and television which the patients really like, and they are also used by the staff to tell the inmates what to do and think . The male patients enjoy physical sports such as running and playing games with balls and these games are shown a lot on the tele-visual screens, and everyone gets really excited about them . And the staff have arranged a competitive game for the female patients – “Who is the prettiest Princess ?” .

Actually, the staff are not staff but are in fact, patients who have taken control of the hospital and like to tell the other inmates what to do but have put on a white coat with a badge titled ‘Staff’ on the lapel, which makes them think they are really important . And the staff have convinced other patients to control the rest of the hospital with force and violence if they think it is necessary . But like the patients, the staff are unaware they are in a Lunatic Asylum but in the Boardroom of the hospital, the directors are fully aware of the situation but want to keep everyone within the asylum, for their own reasons, and ironically declare that patients who say the hospital is an asylum are ‘Mad’ .



The Staff


But there is another facet to the Lunatic Asylum which the patients don’t know and that is, there are not a multitude of patients but in fact only one patient and the Asylum does not really exist . This patient is very scared and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and has retreated into a make believe world where he imagines that he is many separated individuals all alone in the world . He is, in fact a voluntary patient in his own hospital and out of fear has become institutionalised . Not a good prognosis for the patient .

But there can be a happy ending for the patient . The patient is not really mad at all you see, but is only dreaming of Madness in a nightmare of death, fear, scarcity, greed, hate and guilt . And even more encouragingly, the ‘Cure’ is surprisingly simple . All he has to do is let the nightmare go and wake up .

The alarm clock is ringing .