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Good and Evil

jesus holman hunt

 adolf hitler


Our Mind believes in Good and Evil . It attempts to divide different situations into either bad or good and the concept of the Law is based on this division in the Mind . In most countries, huge systems have evolved into attempting to decide what is the Law .

The Law is what we decide it to be but it is not fixed as we change our minds as to what is good or evil . For instance in the western world, homosexuality was banned until relatively recently but it is now legal in most western countries . However, in other countries it is still illegal and this demonstrates the Law is entirely subjective .

Murder is a crime wherever you go in the world, but this again is subjective . It is legal to kill someone in self defence or if you are a soldier or policeman in the course of their duties when it is OK . The Law is based on the judgement of mainly old men whose real goal is to protect the status quo .

Humans are the only animal who have this concept of right and wrong, black and white, God and Satan . Animals don’t appear to be concerned one way or another and just follow their instinctive behaviour patterns . If a Great White Shark was human it would be sentenced to Life in prison for crimes against the world but it is only following its unconscious biological drive.

What underlies this duality, is the belief in guilt . Our Mind believes something can be wrong, whereas in the eyes of the Universe, it just is . To the Universe, war is just the same as peace , the day just the same as night – it is only the part of our Mind which believes in guilt, which separates the two and this is only in the eyes of the observer . If you take the recent Football World Cup Final as an example . To the Spanish fans the result 1-0 to Spain was good and to the Holland team, it was bad but to the Universe ( and most women ) it was just a game of football .

The Law is just a projection of our guilt ridden Mind where we distinguish between good and evil and the idea of guilt comes from one simple belief the human race has deep down in its subconscious . We believe there is something wrong with us and that we are guilty . This is not our real belief or the Universe’ view of us, but a mistaken idea that we project onto the world and others .

Everything in the world is perfect and just as it should be . There is no part of the world which is not perfect and it is only due to this concept of guilt, that we believe we and others are imperfect . Our Ego depends on guilt for its survival as it allows us to separate the world into different objects which we can then call Good or Evil . Even our guilt is perfect !

There is nothing wrong with you or anybody else . You are completely perfect and you cannot be improved .