One Mind

We imagine we are separate from each other . This is not the truth . You are not your mind and I am not my mind . There is only One Mind . At present, this separation is coming to an end . I hope through my blog to aid this process .



6 thoughts on “One Mind

  1. Wow- what a cute little Child that is on your page-! how easy it can be to find Relation in our Unity knowing that we all started off so Soft and Innocent. Altho- we still are the inside, and will not be too long in returning, it’s this outside World that reverberates our reflected experience/ performance…Ooo, I can’t wait to be a cute squishy blob of Awareness again with nothing/everything to do but explore with a Peaceful Heart…..❤……………………………………….(any day now)………….

    1. Hi Talitha – Thanks for the comment and email – I’ll reply to the e-mail when I’ve gone through it thoroughly 🙂 Lets hope its not too long until we leave the old world behind !
      The image is ‘The Starchild’ from 2001 – A Space Odyssey .

      1. Okay Thanks! 😀 Yez- please donut feel like you have to make a big response to it- I ask a lot of questions about everything anyway, and I sense that sometimes it annoys people-, even if I never really intend it :/ …. If you have any in-sight on thoze things down the road, *Greater Understanding for me is Better than the “phood” that Monsanto and corporations can not come close to contaminating yet! 😀 Yep-! I am right over here on the other side of the InterWeb so any Thyme! 🙂 ! Ooo! I hope there are lots of those Starchild babies in the new World-! So Cute! 😀 Have a nice dae out there! 🙂

  2. Hello Frank,
    Thank you very much for your comments and reply, I have been thinking about you have said quite a bit- about how we do not really die or feel pain, and honestly at first I did not believe it. However, I have just finished the weekend working at this conference in San Rafael, Ca- called the “Science and Nonduality Conference”- and that is also what a few of the speakers were talking about there! Thanks again for this Blog- Namaste Cameran- Here is the Conference:

    1. Hi Talitha – the conference looked interesting . Pain is the body pretending it is real . Having said that, its easy to say pain and death don’t exist but when you face them, they seem very real . The ‘Awakening’ is attempting to remove our body identification and return to our true Self .

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