Hi – my name is Frank . My aim for this blog is write about my views on Life from a spiritual perspective . 99% of our actions actually come from our subconscious and 99% of our subconscious beliefs about Life are wrong . There are two main errors – firstly that we are guilty and secondly Life is fearful . If we can change our Mind about these two beliefs the world can become an earthly paradise . Through my blog I hope to be able to help with the changing of our World’s Mind .


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Frank…your name suits you well. Love your straightforward honest openness. As a student of the Course for several years it’s no mistake that I’ve “stumbled” onto your site this fine day…I enjoyed it very much…Thanks for being “here”…very helpful indeed 🙂

      1. wellcome! just realized that your posts go all the way back to march 2010…looks like i’ll be busy here for a minute lol

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