Hotel California

“You can check-out any time you like,
 But you can never leave!”

Hotel California – The Eagles


One of the Ego’s most cunning plans is to make us believe we have no choice . It tries to convince us there is only one way and there are no alternatives .

Many individuals feel trapped . This maybe work, marriage, the kids, addictions etc or even a metaphysical prison, and they feel imprisoned in the physical world from which they cannot escape, and look to Death to relieve their pain and suffering . There is always a choice and we are only trapped by our belief system .

“Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device” .



The physical world is an addiction . We have been caught in a Venus Fly Trap entranced by the smells and colours and only too late we realise the mistake we have made, but by then we are hooked . And we keep on coming back again and again in the vain hope that this time it may satisfy us but like all addictions, it only does for a short period and then we want more .

But Life is ‘All There Is’ and there can be no more than Life . The only alternative to Life is Death, but that doesn’t exist apart from in our imagination . However, the addiction does serve a purpose . It keeps us away from what the Ego fears most – our spiritual Self and hidden beneath all our fear, guilt and hate is our Self, safe from the storm that surrounds it .

There is always a choice and we make it every day of our lives . Do we choose to see the world through the eyes of the Ego or the eyes of our Self . Do we listen to the loud voice shrieking in our ears, barking out orders like a Regimental Sergeant Major or do we listen to the quiet calm voice which says ‘everything’s ok and always has been, and always will be’ .

We can leave “Hotel California” anytime we want . First, we have to know we can .


4 thoughts on “Hotel California

  1. I’ve listened to many late night conversations about the meaning of this song and this pretty much sums it up.Great song, great band, and also a great blog Frank. Thanks!

  2. That song has resonated with me for years, just knew there was a deeper significance to the words, thanks for that Frank.

    1. hi – thanks for the comment . The lyric “prisoners of our own device” has always stuck in my mind . I’ve just recently understoond waht it meant – better late than never !

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