The Veil

From ‘A Course In Miracles’ :

The veil across the face of Christ, the fear of God and of salvation, and the love of guilt and death, they are all different names for just one error – that there is space between you and your brother, kept apart by an illusion of yourself that holds him off from you, and you away from him .

The sword of judgment is the weapon that you give to the illusion of yourself, that it may fight to keep the space that holds your bother unoccupied by love . Yet while you hold this sword, you must perceive the body as yourself, for you are bound to separation from the sight of him who holds the mirror to another view of what he is, and thus what you must be .

The saviour’s vision is as innocent of what your brother is as it is free of any judgment made upon yourself . It sees no past in anyone at all . And thus it serves a wholly open mind, unclouded by old concepts and prepared to look only on what the present holds . It cannot judge because it does not know .”


One thought on “The Veil

  1. Hello you and you also, I am new here, stranded in a way…. while googling for information about Kundalini experience and the nature of it. I am in awe of David Ickem met him in person too and I understand his explanations of present day living with veils and mindprogramming manipulation. The truth of that certainly is true for me, but there’s an aspect to it that needs to be looked at in order to not give away our sovereignty, I think. I’ve been exploring through a lot of New Age and spiritualising is one way of avoiding the presence of all that is below the belt, as I see it. I don’t mean being spiritual, I mean the tendency in troubled people to spiritualise, in order to avoid issues that wait to be addressed in their lives. As I see it, the outside world is the reflection of my inner world, manifested in reverse order. Humankind, collectively, is the creator of the world we see today. I am beginning to view things more from that point of view and not by resisting, as anything I resist, persists. And amidst of that, the whole world is by all means a free will creation, as it should be always. We’re as much the solution as the problem, see? Business as usual is over now, I think we have no choice, in a way that could be called “the moment of truth”. To cease from being in action, either to be the solution to the problem, or the problem to the solution, is a choice from now on. This is my vision, meant to share without being a definition in any part of it 🙂

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