All The World’s A Stage

New name and new theme ! (same url though, so need to change anything )


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts .

William Shakespeare-“As You Like It”


‘All the World’s a Stage’ is no more than a statement of fact .  Our physical world is not real and it is all pretend . We pretend we are born and die, we pretend we are a man or woman and pretend it matters . It doesn’t matter, as there is no matter .

We believe we are bodies but this is only a role in the play . Like a Hollywood blockbuster, we produce war films, action films and rom coms as the tale of our lives and we imagine baddies who are our enemies . It’s the Jews, or the Blacks, or even the French – we always find others to play this part . At present, it seems ‘The Banksters’ are the cause of our misery .

We create our own identity and give ourselves stage names, and say John Smith is who I really am but it’s not true . It is only a name whilst you exist in this reality and has no meaning outside of it . In reality, we are Nothing or more accurately No Thing . We don’t have a name or body or anything, really . The closest description I can give to who we are is Life and nothing more, and that is All There Is, and we are All There Is, as well  .

We play make belief and say we are separate from each other and that we need things . We say we need money, work, relationships etc – none of it is true . We need nothing . Why would ‘God’ create a Universe where need or want exists ?

And we go through the play, fearing The End – the final curtain, but that is all Death is . Our role has ended and we leave the stage .

Our ‘reality’ is not real – all the seeming unpleasantness of the world is not happening . Nobody is hurt or dies and we can leave the play any time we choose . You are the Star .



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