The Selfish Gene

In 1976, Richard Dawkins published his famous book The Selfish Gene . Even though the work was primarily a scientific tome, over the years it has morphed into a more general phrase for why ‘I’ and ‘Me’ behave .

I think genes have very little to do with the behaviour of humanity . Apart from the basics of breathing etc, our behaviour is determined by our thoughts and belief system and in my opinion, are not our natural thoughts but the product of our ego which sees us as separated, isolated beings all alone in the Universe .

It tells us that we can own ‘things’ for ourselves . My house, my car, my daughter, my wife and so on which belong to us and we don’t share with others . In reality, nothing is owned by one individual or group . Creation is for All and we are connected to everything that exists .

Copyright is a good example of the ‘Selfish Gene’ at work . We believe we can own ideas, music and creation for ourselves . In fact all creation comes from a single source which we are all connected to, but our ego says ‘I’ created whatever it is, when in reality it comes from this source which belongs to everyone .

The ego tells us to put our survival first and what we want is paramount . This causes great conflict with ‘Spirit’ as it knows we are eternal and all are connected with the rest of Creation . And so we have two parts of our mind in a seeming constant war but it is only the ego which fights .

The Selfish Gene is the Ego . At present, the ego’s belief system is being dismantled and humanity is beginning to see itself as part of the whole, not the separated being which is how the ego would like us to see ourself . This is causing distress as the ego runs and fights against the inevitable – its death .

The Selfish Gene does not exist, part from in our Mind . It is only a belief sytem based on a false understanding of the nature of reality and who we are . Its days are numbered and we should not mourn its passing .


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