Sex And Money

Nothing triggers our emotional system more than sex and money . The media and advertisers are obsessed with both and if they don’t use sex to sell their products, then they use money . Our physical world revolves around one or the other .

There are two aspects for both . The first is the ultimate reality where our non physical Self lives . Here there are no problems with either sex or money, as in reality nothing physical exists . There is no money to spend and there are no bodies for any one to have sex with .

In this realm, we have everything we need, so there is no reason for money to exist and everything is connected, so we are really in a state of constant Sex, all the time .

But in our physical reality, the emotional charge around both money and sex are huge and this seems to stem from one source – Guilt . From an early age we are told that there is something wrong with the human body and our attitudes to it are ridiculous . If I decided to walk down the road with nothing on (not a pretty sight), I would very quickly be arrested and put in jail . This is madness .

Again with money, we are taught there is something wrong with it . Lines from the Bible such as “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” don’t help and in the Age of Austerity, the scapegoats for the anger of the world are directed at “The Banksters” . The corporate world is a dark place but the scapegoating comes from a part of us which believes it is wrong to be rich and there is not enough . Somehow, we think it is better for everyone to be poor than everybody to be rich .

With sex, this guilt can be seen in the mainstream religions . Roman Catholic priests have to take a vow of celibacy and within Islam, it is common for women to veil themselves in a deliberate attempt to hide their sex appeal and their bodies . The guilt and fear which surround sex are the cause of these types of dysfunctional behaviour .

Both money and sex are neutral . The bits of paper money and metal coins, and our flesh have no emotional feeling . They are not conscious, in the way we would understand it and the world revolves around nothing . A whole industry, pornography is dedicated to what the flesh does and our methods to buy and sell goods use these symbols of nothing . And yet, we feel guilty about them .


But below this guilt, there is another layer which is the heart of the matter . The fear of Life and God . Our relationship with both sex and money is a mirror of our relationship with God . We are scared of joining with ‘All There Is’ and this is reflected in the ambivalent attitude to sex and money . We are attracted to both but are also repelled by them .

There is nothing wrong with either sex or money .
God does not have any hang ups with either – it is humanity with the problem . There is no reason to feel guilt . We are Innocence .


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