Why We Are Here

We are here because we decided Life was not enough . Life did not satisfy us and we wanted more than the whole of Creation as we were unable to accept that it was enough .

We always want more and are similar to locusts devouring everything in sight . Even when we get what we want, we find it satisfies only for a short period and we then go searching for the ‘more’ again wherever we think we may find it .

At the deepest level of of our consciousness, we are seeking Death because if we want more than Life, then Death is the only alternative if it was real . Every physical object in our reality is a symbol of death as all physical objects are doomed to moth and rust . Our world is just a reflection of our desire to be separate from Life .

This desire for more is really non acceptance of our Self . We think we are not good enough and go looking for the missing part outside of ourselves in this world but we will never find it in anything physical because the physical is unreal .

We use the world as an attack on God and Life, and each other but we will never be able to change anything because Life and God are Changeless . We will always be dissatisfied because we are dissatisfied with ourselves .

There is only one answer to “Life, the Universe and Everything” and that is acceptance of Life and ourselves . We are perfect as everything in Creation is perfect and we cannot change it .

Life is enough and so are you .


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