The Dream

From ” A Course In Miracles” :

Dreams show you that you have the power to make a world as you would have it be, and that because you want it you see it . And while you see it you do not doubt that it is real . Yet here is a world clearly within your mind that seems to be outside .You do not respond to it as though you made it, nor do you realise that the emotions the dream produces must come from you .

It is the figures in the dream and what they do that seem to make the dream . You do not realise that you are making them act out for you, for if you did the guilt would not be theirs and the illusion of satisfaction would be gone . In dreams these features are not obscure . You seem to waken and the dream is gone . Yet what you fail to recognise is that what caused the dream has not gone with it .

Your wish to make another world that is not real remains with you . And what you seem to waken to is but another form of this same world you see in dreams . All your time is spent dreaming . Your sleeping and waking dreams have different forms and that is all . Their content is the same .



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