The Universe Speaks

The Universe is always speaking to us .

Here in Britain we are having gorgeous weather . Beautiful spring days and clear and cool at night, and last night I was outside speaking to my neighbour Nina who remarked upon the crescent Moon which was being reflected in a window . I turned around to look at the real Moon and realised the Moon in the window was the complete reverse .

My camera doesn’t seem able to capture the images, so below I have included some images from NASA, which hopefully makes my point .

The real Moon


The reflected Moon


For some reason, this was nagging away at me and then I realised what the Universe was saying . We are looking at the reflected Moon which shows us the exact opposite of reality and we see our world of death, pain and hunger but this is not real .

In reality, there is only Life, Peace and Abundance but because our belief system is programmed to see death and pain, this is what we see .

Our world is an illusion – a mirror of reality . All we need do is turn away from the reflection in our Mind and look up and see the real Moon .



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