Gay Marriage Is Not A Threat To Humanity

I’ve only just come across this statement from that lovely man (irony), Pope Benedict made in January .

Talking about gay marriage he said :

This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society.

Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself. The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and states.

Hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue.

First, I am heterosexual and know few gay people but have found that surprise, surprise they seem no different from anyone else and seek the same things in life we all do .

Why not having sex or not being married gives Pope Benedict the right to pontificate on family matters, I have no idea but with this statement he shows his complete lack of understanding of God and Life .

He believes it is “God’s Law” that homosexuality and gay marriage should be banned and he looks down on gay and lesbians with a disapproving eye . What a load of crap .

There is only one ‘Law’ which covers everything in Creation and it’s not really a Law at all, but the only thing which can truly be said to exist and that Law is Love . It is not God who disapproves of gay marriage, but Pope Benedict and if you look to the organised religions for your faith, you will ultimately be disappointed because they teach what God is not .

They see God as a judgmental, critical old man who sends people to Hell and chucks the occasional thunderbolt at humanity in his anger . This is not the real God but a projection of our own inner ego .

What Pope Benedict really fears and is the real reason for his comments, is the feminine sexual energy which is inherent in both sexes and is displayed within a gay marriage . From Pope Benedict to the mutilation of female genitalia in some cultures, this energy is feared and repressed . The continuing preference for male priests within the religions is an attempt to deny this energy .

I believe we are coming to the end of the masculine dominated world and we will hopefully move into an age, where the masculine and feminine energies are in balance . You never know but one day there maybe a gay or married Pope, who says “Love Is All” !



9 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Is Not A Threat To Humanity

  1. I agree totally…Love is Love. I believe that the Pope is told to say the things he says. He is part of the control system that wants to keep people in the dark about our true selves, which is like you said a balance of male/female energy. The Elite keep the knowledge of the feminine energy to themselves to keep us from knowing our true powerful selves. I also believe that humanity is very close to realizing the truth.

    1. I don’t think humanity has a choice – its coming through whether we like it or not ! Mind you, I’m amazed there is still a debate about gay marriage, women priests etc . If you believe in freedom and equality, I don’t think there really is an argument .

  2. The gay issue isn’t about rights but it’s being used as a divisive move to create more dissension on masses. It’s a classic case of divide and conquer. Just as the black vs white, women vs men, etc. The end result is not a gay world as the gay militants would have you believe. The end result is to confuse and destroy the norm of what we know as a family. When that is complete, the gay movement itself will be dismantled.

    You may ask why they are promoting homosexuality. It’s very simple and proven in psychological and socialogical studies. Women are very smart but are also very conformists. Men aren”t as smart as women but are very non-conformist. Once men are completely feminized to the point that they want them too. Then they will proceed to the next level.

    What they rulers of our planet want is a biological mindless drones that obey. The rulers will have families and live in paradise while we live in the underground as slaves. Look at history at their level by that I mean to see how you can conquer a planet by having the people enslave themselves. Religion, politics, entertainment, chemicals, etc are all being used to manipultate and control. It’s been happening since ancient times. You might not agree with me but that’s my opinion.

    1. Hi Nick

      I would agree there seems to be an attempt at the de-masculinisation of Men . What they call family viewing on TV these days isn’t family viewing . Its for women and gay men . I’m not too worried about this, as I think the homosexual population is probably fixed at a certain ratio . If I remember correctly, there was a large survey which asked the participants if they considered themselves LGBT and the percentage was 1.5% of the survey and I doubt if this can be changed even with a mass gay agenda, unless they put oestrogen in the water . Everything has a cycle and at some point, it will swing back .

      My real beef was with the Pope . I can’t see how he can talk about Love but then say to certain people, you can’t love . Also, I don’t see how he can pontificate on family and sexual matters when he is celibate and the Catholic church doesn’t allow their priests to be married . The male/female family unit was in trouble long before the gay marriage issue came up and is a separate issue for me .

      Like you I see organised religion as a control mechanism and attempts to tell the public what to do and think .

  3. People choose by choice. Its who they want to be, its what they express themselves. We can’t go around people and tell them what to do, or rule their lives. Its THEIR lives. I believe in gay marriages. It’s like if two STRAIGHT people fall in love, they get married and all. Then why shouldn’t gay people do the same? Its no difference. People are people, we ALL are different and we all just have to accept it.

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