He’s Misstra Know It All

He’s a man
With a plan
Got a counterfeit dollar in his hand
He’s Misttra Know It All

We all know someone who is incredibly opinionated and constantly offers advice . After you have been on this Earth for a short period, you normally find their advice is wrong and it is probably best to do the complete opposite of what they say . “Misstra Know It All”, as the song says .

We all share this trait to some degree or other, as it is a cornerstone of our ego’s belief system . Another common aspect to the personailty of the ego is to be ‘right’, as in “I am right” and some people even give up their lives because of it . This can be seen in politics, religion and science where you often find two competing forces fighting to prove who is right . It is alleged the philosopher Giordano Bruno was executed for claiming the Earth orbited the Sun .

At about the age of 4, young children are sent to schools to learn and this goes on for the next 12 years or so . If you go to University, you can be in full time education for twenty years .

In our world, the intellect is praised above all qualities but what is it we learn . We learn what the ego wants us to believe, which is actually false knowledge of the true reality and our real nature . The mind (with a small m) is deliberately filled with all sorts of rubbish in an attempt to deny the true Mind (with a large M) .

Buddhists recommend emptying the mind in meditation so that we can connect with our deeper self and true knowledge . The Zen teaching “You cannot fill a cup that is full” describes this perfectly . In fact, the ‘Know It All’ trick used by the ego is meant to stop you gaining awareness .

The intellect can be a marvellous tool . Without learning I would not be able to write this post or drive a car, but its true purpose is as a servant of the Heart, where we find real learning . The Heart is our true Mind and where knowing comes from . If you want to solve a problem, listen to the Heart not your mind which will offer you a quick fix, but won’t solve the original problem .

In reality, the Heart has only one answer to every problem – Love . This is the answer to everything and is all we really have to learn or more accurately remember . It is what we are and is the only part of us which truly exists .

All we have to do is look at our world and see where the mind has taken us . The answer does not lie in the intellect but our Heart . As a man (Shakespeare) far cleverer than myself, wrote :

The fool does think he is wise but the wise man knows himself to be a fool



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