Being Human

We are told our emotions are natural to us . Our first act when we are born is to cry and then our first impulse is for need in the form of sustenance from our mother .

Below are some of our ‘natural’ emotions :


I am sure there are others which I have forgotten . Actually, none of these emotions are natural to us . They do not come from our natural state of being but are created by our misguided view of reality .

All these emotions derive from our belief we are separated from God . My view of God is not of an old man with a beard but as Everything. It exists in the body, mind, grass, wind and rain and it is You/Me as well . There is nothing that is not God but we think, we are somehow divided from God .

Scholars of the monotheistic religions spend a lot of their time attempting to decide ‘God’s Laws’ . They give declarations what is right or wrong, from homosexuality to what you should eat and when you should eat it . To be honest, I would have thought looking at the horrors of human history it is obvious God has no opinions one way or other .

God actually has one Law but is not so much a commandment but what we are .

The Law is Love and is the only reality and emotion – it is ‘All There Is’ . Anything else is Illusion .



8 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. My thoughts exactly….I believe exactly the same. Although it doesn’t matter what term a person uses, I use Spirit or the Universe instead of God because the term God tends to scare off those that are in search and not sure what to believe.

    Thankyou for your thoughts

    1. Hi Roxanne – hopefully the world will move away from its old paradigm . I used the term ‘God’ deliberately because our ego ‘fears God’ in the Old Testament view of God . Personally, I prefer Universe or Life but its all the same .

  2. May I ask… How have you done this?

    Many of your recent posts are displayed in full length on home page. I use the same Chateau theme but I can’t turn it on.
    I can see only one recent post in full and all other are automatically moved to archive.
    I’m new and probably ignorant in WordPress and generally blog’s matters.
    But I believe solving this kind of issue would be as easy as piece of cake for you…

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi – if you go into Theme Options via the Appearance button on the left of the dashboard, you will want to select the archives option and this shows the full length screen page . I tried the other way but felt it easier for readers to find the posts this way .

      1. Sorry I haven’t noticed that you are hosting your blog on
        I use “stand alone” version of Chateau, on external server and there is no such option. It seems to be less friendly for visitors than this one.
        I’m afraid hard coding will be necessary 😦

        Anyway, thanks a lot for help and really instant reply!

        BTW, lots of interesting threads I see here, I’ll come back to dig into the site:)

      2. The reason why I’m on .com is I’m scared of the coding that maybe necessary off the site but according to the link provided you’re on but you must be referring to another blog .

      3. Yes, on I set up the blog for tests only…
        The real one is on (and second on
        So, as you can see I’m a photographer. I made two websites, one for commercial use and other for personal purpose. This personal one, on Chateau theme, makes me crazy!
        I would never expect that I find such friendly and helpful person here 🙂
        Thank you again and I’m not gonna bother you anymore!

        Just changed some value in php file, hope it will help :-]

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