My Body Is A Temple And My Temple Needs Redecorating

“My body is a temple and my temple needs redecorating” – Joan Rivers

English: Joan Rivers at Musto's 25th Anniversary.

We give our bodies magic powers . We really believe we are bodies and that we didn’t exist before the creation of our body and will die when our body stops working .

The body is at the centre of the dysfunction in the human Mind . We believe it works automonously from us but really only responds to instructions from our Mind . It doesn’t think or feel, or have any opinions . It is similar to a robot which only acts from its programming .

You are not your body . We live in an imaginary world and the body is at the centre of this illusion . We use it to retain our spiritual separation from each other and the Universe . Without a body there would be no little I Am and we would be able to see our true connection with ‘All There Is’ .

Our world focuses on the body . Our survival gene is linked to our belief in the body and we spend the vast majority of our lives attempting to ensure we have enough for its survival .

The Body does not exist and is a symbol of our dream of separation from God . There is no temple !



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