God’s Final Judgment

From “A Course In Miracles” :

“No one can escape God’s Final Judgment . Who could flee forever from the truth ? But the Final Judgment will not come until it is no longer associated with fear . One day each one will welcome it, and on that day it will be given him .

He will hear his sinlessness proclaimed around and around the world, setting it free as God’s Final Judgment on him is received . This is the Judgment in which salvation lies . This is the Judgment that will set him free . This is the Judgment in which all things are freed with him .

Time pauses as eternity comes near, and silence lies across the world that everyone may hear this Judgment of the Son of God” :

Holy are you, eternal, free and whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God . Where is the world, and where is sorrow now ?


PostScript :Of course, God’s Final Judgment is transgender and takes in both masculine and feminine or even those who are in the middle of changing sex . Everyone, in fact .


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