Daily Archives: January 5, 2012


We created the Ego, which is the part of us which believes it can be separated from God/Life/Universe . The ego has strange beliefs such as death, guilt, fear, scarcity and myriad other peculiar beliefs .

We are like Dr Frankenstein who created Life and then found it turned on its creator and ran amok . We created the ego out of fear of God and thought we would be able to hide from God but the ego, as it was born out of fear and hate, is in the image of its creator and like Frankenstein has turned on its maker .

At present, spirit is in the process of undoing our ego . Even though we created it, it so ingrained in the consciousness of humanity it cannot be undone on our own . The spiritual energies which are bombarding us are intended to bring the ego and its belief system to the surface for release . It is painful because the ego is pain and it is inevitable this pain will be experienced before it is released .

Trust, acceptance and perserverance are vital qualities in this time . It is our true desire to leave the ego behind and rejoin with our true Self .