The Fear Of God

The ego has only two emotions – fear and guilt . Some philosophers have wondered what came first but in my opinion, this is a chicken and egg question . They are really the same and from them comes anger, hate, worry, impatience etc .

Our only real relationship is with God and this relationship is perverted by our misguided view of who and what God is . The montheistic religions teach that God is a separate entity, disconnected from us who judges and punishes us for our sins but at the same time, they teach HE is a loving God .

They don’t seem to worry about the obvious problem with this view which is why would a loving God, punish anyone and send people to Hell as they don’t live up to HIS expectations ( I described God as masculine to show up this error of who God is ) .

From this comes the underlying fear and guilt in the human psyche . We fear God because we are told God will punish us and feel guilt as we think he believes in guilt . This misguided view of God has caused all the problems in the World . God is not a separate being and we are always connected .

God is the whole Universe and has unconditional love for the whole of Creation . As we were created with the same qualities, we also possess unconditional love but is blocked out by our ego which sees God as a threat to its existence . We project out the ego’s guilt and fear of God onto the world and this has created our dysfunctional world .

We are joined with God and there is nothing to fear . We, and God, are Innocence and guilt does not exist apart from in our Mind . You have never sinned and are always safe .



7 thoughts on “The Fear Of God

  1. A person can’t repent if they’ve done nothing wrong (Luke 3:3,5; Acts 17:30,31).
    A person can’t be saved if there’s nothing to be saved from (Mark 16:15,16; Matthew 10:28; Galatians 1:3-7).

    No doubt you’ve read, or someone has quoted to you scriptures like this before but I thought I would stop by and respectfully make the points for you.

    My friend, if you don’t believe in what you stated above then how can you believe in the work, point and purpose of the cross of Christ? (Acts 2:36-41) I don’t know, maybe the fact that the cross is a reality that disregards what you have said about sin and peace might be another place where a proper understanding isn’t had (Colossians 1:19,20). This of course is assuming that you believe in Jesus Christ to begin with.

    Take care.

  2. My opinion is that the Christ is misunderstood. Christ has been portrayed to be a being that we look to. I believe the Christ is an energy…the Christic energy that already exists inside of us. By removing the veils we wear like, fear, anger, hate, guilt, etc, we can then let that energy that is already and always has been who we are, we can let it shine in all its glory. It doesn’t matter who the human is or what they have done, we all have this energy already inside of us, and we can all heal and be that Christ. So you see, we save ourselves through our own understanding and choice of action.

    1. Hi Eugene and Roxanne – thanks for the comments . I was wondering how to respond to Eugene’s comments but Roxanne has explained it perfectly . If you believe in guilt, fear and death, then that is the world that will be experienced .

      As for Jesus, I don’t know whether he existed or not . Unfortunately, there are no video or audio tapes and we have been told The Bible is the word of God . Belief tends to come from what you’ve been told by others eg : Christians worship Jesus, Islam worships Mohammed etc and this comes from belief without experience . I am attempting to make up my own mind and have been led down this path . I prefer to think I am innocent rather than a ‘sinner’ even if priests and others tell me different .

      For me the story of Jesus hinges on the resurrection and shows that Death as we understand it doesn’t exist but is a figment of our imagination . The pictures in churches of Jesus on the Cross only reinforce the belief God is our enemy, who we should fear .

      1. Frank (and Roxanne) thanks for replying,

        In my response I am going to use scripture because I allow (not because someone has coerced me or anything like that) to guide my decisions spiritually. I was not raised the way I believe now.

        The only way we can understand Jesus the Christ is by reading the book that tells us about Him and His message. If we don’t go by that then we can say anything we want and that’s not logical. It would make a theory instead of a fact. Historical and biblical proof both agree that Jesus was a physical man who claimed to be more than a man. I would encourage you to check out if you would like to do more reading about this topic. They have a large amount of resources (both historical and spiritual) to read.

        The idea that we can be our own Messiah flies in the face of every facet of the Bible. A person can believe that if they choose, God gives us freewill, but I can also believe that we are living in the “matrix” but that doesn’t make it so. Not trying to be “smart” (honestly); just trying to make a point. Scripture teaches that God is our Creator and if our Creator then our Savior and Judge. To ignore Him as one is to ingnore Him as the other (Acts 17:24-34).

        Frank, you hit the nail on the head my friend. The gospel message does hinge on whether or not Jesus rose from the dead for Christians (1 Cortinthians 15:12-22). Even during Jesus’ earthly ministry a lot of people had different opinions about Him (Matthew 16:13-17). We all have to decide for our self whether we will place our faith in Him or not.

        The fact that God allowed His son to die for our sins shows that He is a loving Creator who desires full fellowship with us but also that He allows us to choose whether we will follow Him or follow our self; nontheless as our Creator He is also our Judge who offers pardon and mercy now through Jesus (Romans 5:6-11; 2 Corinthians 5:10,11).

        Check out the link if you get a chance and let me know what you think. No matter what you choose the “ball is in your court.” Take care and I enjoyed the conversation how ever short it was.

      2. Hi Eugene- I think we’re coming from the same place and as genuine ‘seekers’ are trying to make sense of the insanity we see . As you correctly say, we cannot be our own Messiah as we are programmed by our own Ego (the part of us which believes we are separate from God) and if we listen to the Holy Spirit we will move in the right direction .

        As I said in my previous comment, I do not look to the Bible or any other spiritual text to tell me what to believe – I have had enough of that . The point is that Jesus did not die for his sins, but lived . Nobody dies !

        As a father of one child, I would be mortified if my daughter was afraid of me and I would imagine this is how God looks at us . The problem, as I see it, is we project our own ‘faults’ onto ‘God’ when She (just to annoy) only loves us . Eugene/Frank/Roxanne and everybody else is Innocence and by denying our Innocence we are denying God 🙂 .

        The physical world we see is not real – nobody dies or is harmed in any way . Would a loving God allow their sons and daughters to be harmed in any way ?

      3. Frank, I think the better question would be, “Would a loving Father send His only begotten Son to die a horrible death upon the cross if there were no such thing as sin and judgment?” (John 3:16-21)

        Take care Frank and check apologetics press if you get a chance.

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