Black Friday

Nothing shows the insanity in our Mind more than the scenes from America on Black Friday . One woman, pepper sprayed other shoppers in an attempt to get an edge to buy the bargains . Another man had a heart attack and died, whilst shoppers walked over his body oblivious to anything apart from their desire to buy, buy, buy .

In Britain, in the summer, there were violent riots which started with a protest about a young man’s death and ended up with shops being looted for no reason apart from the urge to get something for nothing .

When the object of desire is obtained, there is a short period of satisfaction but it never lasts and then our Mind looks to something else to satisfy the lack we feel . Nothing physical will ever supply the soul with its desire, for one very good reason . The reason is that the physical world is unreal and the iPads, X Box etc are illusions .

Our ego tells us we can find satisfaction outside of ourselves, but it is not true because there is nothing outside of yourself . The face you see in the mirror is not there, the house you think protects you does not exist and the goods in the shops have no value .

We are trapped in an illusion of our own making . The world does not exist and is doomed to die, and the Ipads will eventually wither to nothing . Black Friday is insanity and so is our world . The real world awaits our return but we will have to let our illusions go . It’s a choice we make every second of every day – what do you choose ?



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