According to the media, the world is awash with debt . Government debt, corporate debt and personal debt are owed to someone, somewhere . In reality, there is no debt – no one owes anybody, anything . It is literally a figment of our Ego’s feverish imagination but with spiritual vision, we can see through the illusion .


There are three reasons why debt is not true . Firstly, money does not exist in our imagined world . All Spirit can see is painted paper and lumps of metal which we then say is valuable . The amount of money in your bank statement are just figures on a screen and if you had access to the computer which is able to increase this amount, you could alter the amount without anything being done . The only value money has is the one we give to it – if collectively the world decided to give up using money, the world would carry on turning .

Secondly, government and corporations do not exist . They are only imagined concepts and have no solid reality . When the newspapers say the US government owes $20 trillion or whatever the figure is, we are saying an imagined government owes a large amount of nothing to someone, probably China, another unreal government . Just because someone signs a piece of paper saying something exists, in this case corporations and governments, it doesn’t make it so in reality .

When a borrower takes a mortgage with a financial institution, it is entering into an agreement with an illusion, which only exists in the mind . Barclays Bank, Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America are not real and yet we believe our survival is dependent on them . The only power they have, is the power we give them .

However, it is the third reason why Spirit would not understand the concept of debt which is most important . Our Ego sees the world as separated . It sees separate bodies which we then call ‘I’ or ‘Me’ and we imagine ourselves to be separate and divided from each other . This is false vision and in reality we are joined as One . The ego may say A owes B $5000- but Spirit doesn’t see it that way as it understands A only owes the money to him or her self . It is only the ego which makes the distinction between A and B – in reality, this distinction is false .

Debt is another illusion of the ego, to go along with all the rest . We are One and nothing belongs to just one person – nothing is owed to anyone . As the Bard said, only “thinking makes it so” .



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