Morals and Ethics

When we look around the world, all we seem to read is bad news . Many of these stories involve personal tragedy and can include murder, rape, child abuse, wars, poverty  and our instinctive response is to feel repulsion for these acts . Our personal moral code tells us what is right and wrong and we react accordingly .

At the level we view the world, many of these acts are appalling and no one in their right mind could think otherwise . At the core is guilt – the human race has developed a system of morals and ethics and this determines what is right and wrong . These may vary from one culture to another but each one has its own set of values .

At present, “The Banksters” are in the firing line, being blamed for the financial mess the world has got into . Any problem has to be someone’s fault and The Banksters seem to be our scapegoat, and only if we could rearrange the deckchairs on The Titanic everything would be all right . We are confronted with these dilemmas of what is right and wrong, all the time .

The mainstream religions tell us God considers we are sinners, who need to be saved and each one will give you a list of what God declares to be the right way of living . You may notice these lists change over time and also that God doesn’t seem to interfere in earthly matters . The saint seems to suffer as much as the sinner .

Philosophers have pondered the problems of ethics and morals for millennia, without any real change for the world . We still have the murders, rapes and wars, and the legal system and police depend on criminals to keep themselves in business .

Many of the things which happen in this world are repulsive which cannot be denied, but this is only at the level of awareness of reality we view the world . Ethics and morals do not exist in the God Mind, not because it wouldn’t see the acts as repellent, but because it views the world through the eyes of Love and in its Mind these acts do not occur . Our world is not real and stems from our belief in Guilt and separation from our Self .

Guilt, morals and ethics do not matter, precisely because the world does not matter . It is not physical and therefore there is no matter . The horrible things we read about are not happening . No one is harmed or dies in reality – it is just a bad dream from which we are beginning to awaken . We are the audience at a scary movie and believe what we are seeing on the screen is real – it is not . It is just an illusion .



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