Harold Camping-Judgment Day 21/10/11

You can’t say the man knows when he is beaten . After the declaration by Harold Camping that 21/5/11 would be Judgment Day and the date came and went, Harold Camping has announced a new date – 21/10/11 . rapture

He now says that 21/5/11 was a precursor to Judgment Day on 21/10/11 and in fact, 21st May was when the righteous were selected by God :

“We can be sure that the whole world will be annihilated on 21 October 2011.”

For those who weren’t chosen by God for the Rapture, on 21/10/11 there is no hope as the selection made on 21/5 is final and the souls who aren’t deemed pure enough are doomed . Also, the Rapture Index  which monitors how close we are to Judgment Day is at an all time high :

 rap index

It is easy to laugh at Camping and the rest of The Rapture crowd but the energies are very intense at present and if you haven’t felt it, then you’re probably dead . The date Camping suggests is very close to 28/10/11 which is the date claimed by Carl Calleman to be the end of the present cycle prophesied by the Mayan Calendar . The date I have been looking out for is 11/11/11 (33) which is not too far from 21/10 and others have claimed Comet Elenin is having an effect .

Whatever is happening is very powerful but IMO does not presage the end of the World and is another step in the undoing of the Mind Matrix belief system . One of the most important beliefs which will disappear is be the idea of a judgemental God who favours one above another . To the Universe, the paedophile is just as worthy as the saint and if there is a form of ascension, we are going together or not at all .

Trust and acceptance are important virtues at present . The world is not going to end but our distorted view of Life will change forever when the process ends – it’s why we’re here .



2 thoughts on “Harold Camping-Judgment Day 21/10/11

  1. A shift is definitely happening…sorry for those who have a distorted version of this. I think it’s up in the air and nobody can be sure exactly what is going to happen in any given moment. I believe that because consciousness is constantly changing, dates can’t be predicted, but there is certainly an awakening happening at this time


    1. Hi Roxanne – thanks for the comment . If there is no awakening, then I’ve wasted the last 20 years of my life but I think things are right on track . There is only the ‘NOW’ so dates are of this world but in my life I have noticed cycles of my life have begun and ended on significant dates .

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