In Defence Of The Ego

Many spiritual writers, myself included, sometimes fall into the trap of seeing the Ego as the enemy . We can see that the Ego is stopping us from ending the separation with our spiritual Self . But from the Ego’s point of view, it believes it is protecting us .

I Think therefore I Am

It is not the Ego, as such, that is the problem but its belief system which is mistaken in its view of reality . Below I list some of these false beliefs :

  • God/Life is the enemy
  • Death and birth exist
  • The body is real
  • The physical world is real
  • There is not enough
  • We are able to be hurt
  • The physical world is our home
  • We are separate from each other
  • We need something

The main erroneous belief is the first one above – that God/Life is our enemy . From this belief, the Ego has erected defences against our Self and the world we see is the result . It thinks (because everything is in the Mind) we are under attack from God and that we would lose something by ending the separation . This is not true as all we have to lose by rejoining is the fear, guilt, hate and death etc which we believe to be real .

Yet, it thinks it is only acting in our best interest and should be viewed from this perspective . Think of it as an overprotective friend who has been raised in a dysfunctional family, with strange beliefs but only needs a bit of re-education as to the nature of reality .

At the deepest level of existence there is no separate Ego but it allows us to experience Life as an individual which contributes to All There Is . Yet somewhere along the line, wires got crossed and the Ego’s belief system came into being .

The Ego is not the enemy but a tool to experience Life – all that is needed is a change in its Mind .



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