The Deeper Secret

No you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need .

Jagger & Richards – The Rolling Stones .

I have recently read a very interesting book called The Deeper Secret by Annemarie Postma . The book was influenced by the success of The Secret, which was yet another self help book which proclaimed by reading the book, the reader would be able to’manifest their desires’ . As anyone who has tried ‘manifesting’, you quickly find out some desires come true but the majority do not and you are left with a sense of disappointment .

Annemarie Postma realises that the Universe is not concerned with our egoist desires but cares very deeply about our spiritual growth and will supply us with what we need for this growth, rather than pandering to our whims .

This advice feels very timely as our world, both on a personal level and on a collective basis, lurches from one dramatic event to another .

Only through acceptance, will we be able to pass through these’challenges’ and leave behind our selfish, with a small s, nature and return to our Selfish, with a large S, Self (if you get my drift ) .

Below is a quotation from a section of the book which describes the difference between our will and the will of the Universe :

Willpower is excellent fuel for surviving . But in order to learn how to live and to receive the real abundance of the universe, we need more advanced tools, tools like self-knowledge, courage and surrender, and trust . Most people find it easy to let go of things that are not very dear to them ; they allow the universe or god to handle that part .

If something is very important, we try to solve it ourselves . At the same time, we notice that when we do let go of what is most important to us, the universe takes cares of things as well .

Will helps us part of the way . But at the end of the path you can “achieve” lies a path that you simply must travel : an unknown path with no reassurance or guarantees . A path beyond the will, yet one that is your true path . And it is here that one of the keys to The Deeper Secret can be found .

Instead of imposing your will on reality to get what you want, learn to want what appears . You often think that you know what is good for you . But what is good for you is usually taking place at that moment . By resisting the path that lies ahead for you, you may miss the universe’s real message .



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