When Two Tribes Go To War

I live in a country, Britain who seem to have been in a permanent state of war for the last one thousand years . We have fought on all continents, except Antarctica and that is probably because there is no one to fight apart from the penquins . We are presently involved in Libya and Afghanistan and have only just got out from Iraq .

When the 1st World War ended, it was declared the war to end all wars but within twenty five years another World War had begun . Each time we are told, we are fighting for peace but once one war ends, another soon starts . It is not just Britain and even before nation states were invented, tribes would fight each other and this still continues in small tribes across the globe . It appears that War is hard wired into the psyche of humans, at least amongst men . But even women have their own version of wars amongst themselves and men in the “gender war” .

Wars are fought for power, resources, territory and out of hatred for other tribes . Sometimes it appears we have wars just for the hell of it and some psychologists claim that sports are war in another form . Presumably, there has to be a root cause for this desire to fight and compete against each other .

I work from the assumption that our external world is an illusion and War is the reflection of a division in the Mind of humanity . Sometimes, I wonder if this world and the wars are a projection of other events taking place somewhere else, away from our consciousness . So who is doing the fighting in the Mind and for what purpose ? In my opinion it is only the ego that fights and its enemy is Life/God/Spirit depending on your phraseology and it sees itself in a continual battle against this foe .

The ego wants to be Top Dog, King of the World in defiance of Life and War is a method to achieve this aim but it is always disappointed, as even when it obtains what it craves, it is not enough and never lasts . But all the wars are pointless as its enemy cannot be beaten or hurt, and it is even more futile when you realise everything else is yourself and are declaring War on yourself .

The War is only taking place in our Mind, and at a level we cannot see there is only One Mind which is divided . Humanity is similar to a football team, which has no opposition but before kick off the team start fighting . If we wanted we could score as many goals as we liked but we continue the fighting amongst ourselves, so no goals are ever scored .

We/You/I are only fighting ourselves . If we want to stop War, the United Nations or whoever will never succeed as long as the same consciousness exists in the Mind . If you really want peace, the place to start is in your Mind .



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