The Long and the Short and the Tall


Bless ‘Em All, Bless ‘Em All
The Long and the Short and the Tall

From Deepak Chopra – Power, Freedom and Grace :

As a person, I appear to be separate from others . So I think, I am Deepak . I am here, and you are there . This one is a friend, that one is an enemy . This one is good, that one is bad . But it’s all a projection of consciousness . There’s no such thing as a “person”. What we call a person is infinite consciousness manifesting as a transient pattern of behaviour . If you think of yourself as a person, then you will see people everywhere . But if you realise you’re not a person, then you will feel the presence of spirit, the one Being, everywhere . The Being who’s looking out of my eyes, and the Being who’s looking out of your eyes, is the same Being in a different disguise .

The Universe is the dream of the infinite consciousness, and in this dream is born the ego-sense and the fantasy that there are others . But all these others are nothing but dream objects . In the tangled hierarchy of creation, everything is inseparably one, and there is only interdependent co-creation .

Infinite consciousness is a field of all possibilities, and when the Universe is flowing through us without interference, we find all of these realities where consciousness plays itself out as space, time, matter and causality . But go beyond the field of thought, the field of emotions, the field of ego, the field of personality, and there’s only one field left . That’s who we are – the field of pure consciousness localising as a person . 



4 thoughts on “The Long and the Short and the Tall

    1. Hi donteatrash – Thanks for the comment . The word ‘Creation’ sometimes is used to sound intelligent but without any substance behind it . I interpret co-creation to show that our actions effect the whole . We effect others and others effect us . Do we act from our selfish, materialistic ego or from our larger ‘Self’ which sees everything as part of the whole ? If we are selfish, then that is how the world will be .

    1. Deepak has become a bit of a cliche but he speaks the truth . Occasionally, I look around at people and say thats me, which I find weird because there are so many different energies and personality types but is part of the journey – acceptance of other ‘transient patterns of behaviour’ as well as ourselves .

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