Change We Can Believe In

Over the last weeks, when I awake, I have become aware of looking out of the window and in frustration saying ‘No change yet then’ . I have been involved with ‘the consciousness shift’ consciously since 1994 and I would guess subconsciously for some time before then and this is my frustration that there is no external change after everything myself and the world have experienced in the last few years .

Barack Obama won the last US presidential campaign with his slogan “Change we can believe in” and convinced the American public he would give them change . As I predicted at the time, he has not been able to keep this promise and in many ways, one could say the USA is in a worse position than before his election . Like me, the US public are waking up and saying ‘No change yet then’ and feel a sense of disappointment in Obama .

This need for change actually comes from our ego and even once external change comes, we quickly return to the same old disappointment with life and want more change . With the consciousness shift, ‘spirit’ is actually urging us to ignore this urge for change but to accept Life and the NOW because it is the NOW where our true Self lives and if we can completely accept the present and the life experience, we will rejoin with this Self .

Our true Self and Life is changeless – you cannot change Life or your Self . For anyone who is a situation which they do not like, this may not bring any comfort but the irony of the situation is that when you attempt to change your life, it doesn’t work satisfactorily but when you accept, the external world seems to change in our favour .

Fighting the world doesn’t work . This is best described in the lines below from Krishna in the Bhagavad Vita. Now is the only time and Life is all there is .

Fire cannot burn it
Water cannot wet it
Wind cannot dry it
Weapons cannot break it
Because it is ancient, unborn and never dies .


2 thoughts on “Change We Can Believe In

  1. Change happens every new second, in continuous unfolding of the moment. Nothing ever stays the same.

    Most of us just do not recognize them because often we’re focused on change we expect to happen… we say “no change yet” when change doesn’t go one way with our expectation…

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