The Death Wish Of Amy Winehouse


Perhaps inevitably, this last weekend brought the news of the death of Amy Winehouse, the famous or infamous British singer . About three years ago, I remember reading a blog where the author wondered how Amy Winehouse was still alive, considering the obvious abuse she was putting herself through and it could be said, she did well to last as long as she did .

Her very public problems with drugs and alcohol and her obvious lack of self worth, instead of alienating the general public resonated with many young girls struggling with their own emotional problems and her songs spoke to the deepest part of their souls, in a way only music can .

When one analyses an addict, the conclusion many come to is that the addiction is actually a Death Wish . This is a correct assumption and is not only applicable to addicts . The whole of humanity has a death wish hidden in its collective unconscious and Amy Winehouse was being controlled by this force .

The Death Wish is really a form of escape and addictions are often referred to as a form of escapism . What we are trying to escape from is Life and this Life is bigger than we can see at the conscious level . It is in fact God / The Universe / Allah or whatever your term you like to describe your spiritual Self and this is what Amy Winehouse (and the rest of us) was attempting to avoid and she eventually succeeded in her desire .

That is the bad news – the good news is that death does not exist and the Life Force that is Amy Winehouse is very much alive and kicking . It’s just that she is temporarily outside of our awareness in this physical plane . Her body is nothing more than a lump of flesh and now she is no longer attached to it, will quickly disappear to the nothingness from where it came .

Death is like an ant trying to pick a fight with an elephant and to imagine that the essence of Life can be killed or hurt is absurd but we have come to believe this notion . We think we are the ant, when really we are the elephant .

I would say Amy Winehouse had a definite spiritual purpose and now she has succeeded in doing what she came to do, rather brilliantly, she has now left . One of the peculiarities of the consciousness shift of the planet I have observed, is that many souls who, on the surface, seem least well equipped have chosen to do the hardest tasks but their tenacity has helped them win through .

From our five sense, Earth based level the life of Amy Winehouse could be seen as a tragic waste but from a spiritual perspective is a major success . Through her music she has managed to reach down to the deepest parts of the psyche and brought repressed emotions to the surface for release .

A life force like Amy Winehouse, or anyone,  can never die . No death wish can succeed because there is no death as Life is all there is . She is going to be around for a long time yet – Eternity, in fact !



6 thoughts on “The Death Wish Of Amy Winehouse

  1. Well i disagree, energy might shift to giving worms nutrition but it’s def not eternity. Everything ends, she is dead, she is in peace aka nothingness. Life is not a gift, it is a prison where the only escape is dying. The only advice i can give people is to think twice to having children, life,nature is one cruel game and the illusion of “happiness” is what traps some many people in this hellhole.

    1. Serving Oblivion – thanks for your comment . I don’t think we are going to agree . My view is that the physical world is unreal and death is not an escape – the only way to ‘escape’ is to accept this non physical Self .

  2. such goofy meandering….blah blah blah…everyone wants an answer to “why” in life once pain or death is the topic and and many then try to impose their goofy thoughts upon others (in a desparate attempt to reinforce their own inner doubts). that’s the source of a lot of what is call artistic genius….ha ha. but in reality, it’s a string of “mutual stroking” gobble de gook! “any takers out there? i need an audience” ….ha ha.

    1. Hi John – thanks for the comment . I’m a bit confused what you are saying, but I take it you don’t agree with me which is fine with me as I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything, but to just pass on how I see the world .

  3. Truly Amy is a spitiual warrior now. As you say she came for a purpose.Her music touched souls that needed that resonance. She suffered from an early age from those who took advantage of her, like so many vicitims drink and drugs were an attempt to blot out the bad feelings.
    from darkness to LIGHT

    1. Hi nightavis – it must be very difficult in the music industry to avoid drugs and alcohol, especially when young but hopefully she will be remembered for her music .

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