Home Alone

At some point in your spiritual journey there will be periods when you have to spend time alone . This is very scary for some and I had a friend who was in an unhappy marriage, but she wouldn’t leave her husband because she was scared of loneliness . Actually what she feared was being with herself . When we are on our own, we will try to fill the void by watching television or turning on the radio who then become surrogate friends . These are just avoidance tactics to stop us feeling and accepting our emotional Self .

When we are alone, the only friend we have is our Self and acceptance of our Self is the very thing our ego attempts to avoid . Being alone is a huge opportunity to observe your self and your ego which is the last thing it wants because it knows that if you look at it, you will begin to question your belief system which comes from the ego . It is frightened because it knows that if you do reach complete acceptance of your Self, it will mean the death of the separated ego .

There is another dimension to being alone as in reality, we are One and this means there is nothing outside us .  In fact, we are alone . Even though I do not fully understand the process, each individual is an individuation of the One and at the same time is the Whole . This means we are alone as there is nothing else apart from the Self but also, we are connected to the whole of creation as thats ‘All There Is’ .

At some point we will all come to the point when we fully accept our selves and this will mean accepting being alone . This is  different from existential angst when we feel completely cut off from everything but is an awareness that we are everything and nothing .

Do not fear being on your own as it is the ideal chance to work through your emotions as you get nearer to acceptance of your Self and when you accept this Self, you will realise you were never really alone .


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