The Mannequin Body

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who is training to be a mid wife . I asked whether she had to deal with a still birth yet and she replied she had in an indirect sort of way, but surprisingly for her, she then remarked the body of the baby felt as if the essence had left and said a dead body had a very strange energy to it . I replied I had seen the body of my mother when she died and I felt the same way, but couldn’t quite find the right analogy .

After mulling it over for a little while later, I suddenly  remembered what it was the dead body had been like  – a shop mannequin, and taking the same analogy further I realised this is  pretty close to the truth . A mannequin is a dummy used for the display of clothes in a shop . Even though it looks like a human body, it has no essence and this was exactly the same as my mother’s body after she had died .

Our bodies are mannequins and the only thing which gives them life is the Life force . At death, this Life force goes to wherever it goes and the body is lifeless . The body is actually returning to its natural state as on its own, it is inert . It will only act on command from our Mind which directs it but we act as if the Body has power over us, when it is our non physical ‘spirit’ which has the power .

The Body is nothing but we give it extraordinary power and have come to believe we cannot live without it . It is nothing more than a shop mannequin and yet huge industries exist such as fashion and pornography which all concentrate on the body . We adorn it with special jewellery and clothes and use perfumes to make the ‘mannequin’ smell nice .

What makes it seem as if the body is alive is the Life force which exists in every physical object . Take this away from the body and nothing is left apart from a lifeless husk and it can be seen for what it really is . Of course, whilst we are attached to it, it is probably wise to ensure it works at optimum performance but we are not the body and the body is not us .

The Life force is the electricity for the body and while the body may cease to exist, the electricity continues . Our true Self is the non physical essence which gives the body life and this is eternal – it is the only force which truly exists . Birth gives life to the mannequin and death takes it away but we go on for ever .


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