The Mirage Of Guilt

From Mail Online :

Residents in a Chinese city have been stunned after a giant mirage of a ‘ghost city’ towered across the skyline.

The apparition appeared earlier this month after heavy rainfall and humid conditions along the Xin’an River in Huanshan City in East China.

Tall buildings, mountains and trees appeared to rise up through the ghostly mist that had descended over the river at dusk. There is usually nothing buy sky across the horizon.

From A Course in Miracles :

“Yet in this cloud bank it is easy to see a whole world rising . A solid mountain range, a lake, a city, all rise in your imagination and from the clouds the messengers of your perception return to you, assuring you that it is there . Figures stand out and move about, actions seem real, and forms appear and shift from loveliness to the grotesque .

And back and forth they go, as long as you would play the game of children’s make-believe . Yet however long you play it and regardless of how much imagination you bring to it, you do not confuse it with the world below nor seek to make it real .

So should it be with the dark clouds of guilt, no more impenetrable and no more substantial . You will not bruise yourself against them in travelling through . Let your Guide teach you their unsubstantial nature as He leads you past them, for beneath them is a world of light wheron they cast no shadows . Their shadows lie upon the world beyond them, still further from the light . Yet from them to the light their shadows cannot fall .”


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