All You Need Is Love

All you need is love, love is all you need

Lennon & McCartney


Psychologists, advertising firms and governments spend large sums of money and lots of time analysing the human psyche . Psychologists do this out of intellectual curiosity, advertising firms for money and governments for control . At the core of all this analysis is to discover what we need, as humanity is driven by its needs .

The most famous study into our needs was undertaken by Abraham Maslow in the 1940s known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and this has been used as the basis for psychological research ever since . Below is an image depicting “The Hierarchy of Needs” from the bottom up :




We believe we need . We think we need money, food, shelter etc to survive and without them we cannot exist . This also applies to addictions where our mind tells us we must satisfy our addiction, whatever it maybe . Advertisements and governments attempt to influence our needs and persuade us down the road, they want us to go . You might say fulfilling our needs is the primary driving force of humanity .

Well – it’s not true . We do not actually have any needs at all and even in our “Matrix World” we are able to create what we need to live . It is our ego which tells us we need and this is based on a false reality . In truth, we are non physical beings who have no need for anything and because of our false belief we are bodies, the concept of needs has arisen .



From A Course In Miracles – The Illusion of Needs :

You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness . While lack does not exist in the creation of God, it is very apparent in what you have made . Lack implies that you would be better off in a state somehow different from the one you are in . Until the “ separation” which is the meaning of the”fall”, nothing was lacking . There were no needs at all . Needs only arise when you deprive yourself . You act according to the particular order of needs you establish .

A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct . This sense of separation would never have arisen if you had not distorted your perception of truth and had thus perceived yourself as lacking . The idea of order of needs arose because, having made this fundamental error you already had fragmented yourself into levels with different needs .



The objects of our desires are false idols which our ego uses to continue the separation and we believe will satisfy our eternal yearning . They always lead to disappointment because that is what they are meant to do . As a “Child of God” we have everything and this is also true of the rest of Creation .

There is no “separation from God” apart from in our imagination and even the desire to rejoin with God comes from a false belief in reality, as this separation is actually impossible . At the beginning of the post I quoted from “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles . In fact the truth is that “All You Are Is Love” .



2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Here’s a little known fact: originally, Maslow also incorporated “transcendence” beyond “self-actualization”, as the highest need, the need beyond the level of persona, the only need of the soul.

    But of course psychologists and marketers eliminated it. Not only because they could not understand it; but also because it proves no benefit for them.


    1. Hi Rizal – I thought of putting transcendence as a need but its not a need as such but is the closest thing we have to a ‘need’ .

      As you rightly said, this part of ‘Maslow’s needs’ is ignored . You can’t have the proles realise they are not proles after all !

      I hope you are finding married life to your liking .

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