The Three Faces Of Eve

The most distinctive feature of Multiple Personality Disorder is the formation and emergence of alternate personality states or ‘alters’. Patients with MPD experience their alters as distinctive personalities possessing different names, histories and personality traits . It is not unusual for MPD patients to have alters of different genders, sexual orientations, ages or nationalities . Some patients have been reported with alters that are not even human : alters have been animals or aliens from outer space . The average MPD patient has between two or ten alters, but some have been recorded with over one hundred .


The Three Faces of Eve,
a major film in the 1950s , is the true story of a young housewife who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder . The film tells the story of Eve White ( a pseudonym ) in an unhappy marriage, who was referred to psychiatrists by her doctor due to headaches and blackouts . During one therapy session , good time girl Eve Black emerged . Eve Black knew all about Eve White and scorned White’s life as a boring waste of time .

Her psychiatrists treated both Eves, sometimes using hypnotism . Subsequently, a further personality, Jane emerged . Over many sessions, several traumatic childhood events such as Eve White being forced to kiss her dead grandmother were disclosed . Over time these three personalities attempted some form of resolution . The doctors were uncertain that she was fully cured but optimistic that she faced a more stable future .

One of the major beliefs of the New Age movement is that the World is One .This idea, inherited from Buddhism seems at first glance to be odd as the world we see is full of individual objects . How can the world be one and why does it appear to be divided ? I believe that there is only One Mind – a Supersoul, if you like – and that all our thoughts and hence our actions come from here . Even though people may appear to make individual choices they all emanate from this source, which has a fixed view of the world .

Psychiatrists believe that Multiple Personality Disorder is triggered by some form of trauma, which forces the personality to split into these different facets . A dominant personality will appear and it is only when some event occurs, normally traumatic will the others emerge and the process of attempting to integrate these different characters begins .

My view is that originally we were One Mind but our Mind split into distinct ‘ alters ‘ and from this split the emotions of guilt, hate, anger, loneliness etc were born . The world, in effect has Multiple Personality Disorder !  An individual, with MPD will only form a relatively few number of personalities but the universe has formed an unimaginable number .

One of the goals of the present consciousness shift is to end the idea of separation where we think we are isolated and separate from the rest of Creation . Hopefully it will end our selfish, dog eat dog view of the world and we will be able to rejoin with our spiritual Self and each other . I believe globalisation is a sign this is already happening and the barriers between races, cultures and religions are slowly dismantled . In reality we are all joined for eternity and the small me does not really exist . It is this realisation which which will transform the world and looking around, it can’t come a minute too soon !



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