The Insane Idea

Friday 13th May was the day when I knew, not just believed, our world is not real . On that day, a British woman in Tenerife was beheaded by a mentally deranged individual who proceeded to walk off down the street with the decapitated head and for some reason when I heard the news, I just knew .

Our world is just an insane idea . We are dreaming that a world of death, pain, hurt and scarcity could really exist and when one really thinks about it, the idea becomes more and more absurd . It is only in the Mind could such a world exist .

When one realises that Life is all there is, the question is would be why would Life want to hurt, deprive and declare itself guilty ? Of course, it doesn’t but we have had this mad idea and the outcome is the world we see . We believe Life wants to harm us and have separated from it, believing it is our enemy . Why would Life want to hurt us ?

We believe in concepts such as Death, Fear and Guilt which could never really be . This world is just a lunatic thought in our Mind – it doesn’t really exist but whilst we think it is real then it will continue .

Which world do we want ? Our present world of death and pain or a world where we Live rather than imagine we die . The answer lies in our Mind .


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