The Lightworker

One of the favourite terms bandied around in spiritual circles is ‘Lightworker’ . You may hear a friend refer to someone else as a Lightworker and wonder what the hell they are talking about . So what and who are Lightworkers ?

To a certain extent everybody is a Lightworker as everyone is always connected to their spiritual essence but at the current time there are many individuals who are consciously aiding in the present consciousness shift . With hindsight one can see this has been going on for some time if you look at the 1960s . Individuals like The Beatles changed the world completely but at the moment the Lightworkers are more joined and grounded than their 1960s predecessors and their experience has shown many of the pitfalls to avoid .

Most Lightworkers avoid traditional religions as this transformation will alter these religions dramatically . It is probably the most challenging role in today’s world . Not only does the Lightworker have to hold and ground a vast input of spiritual energy, they will also have to deal with the release of their own personal and collective ego belief . Not an any easy task .

Unfortunately, some Lightworkers are unable to cope with this energy and may find they succumb to some disease or other which I have had the misfortune to witness and there is also massive resistance within the human psyche, and I believe some have even been murdered . They mainly come from a middle class background and the ruling classes of each country seem completely devoid of them . The vast majority tend to be self effacing but possess a steely determination to succeed .

The consciousness shift is effecting everyone now and the Lightworker’s task is to lead humanity through this critical period by remaining grounded and balanced as possible . I am assuming everyone who makes their way to this post is a Lightworker and is really a rallying call to keep going . I feel we are nearly through the hardest part – it’s not a matter of if but when !   



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