Down The Rabbit Hole

Is Osama Bin Laden dead ? Was he killed on May 1st or was it someone else ? The US government seems to have gone out of its way to confuse everyone as much as possible by sending Bin Laden to the bottom of the sea and then refusing to show any images which prove that Osama bin Laden is dead .

Many sceptics sensibly want proof . In times past, his head would have been put on a spike and paraded publicly so that everyone could see he was dead .

Our ego loves these type of conspiracies because it allows our mind to get bogged down, especially ones where no proof is forthcoming . Conspiracy theories such as the assassination of John F Kennedy, the existence of UFOs and now the ‘death’ of Osama Bin Laden are manna from heaven for the ego .

It loves arguments where there is no proof and proof comes from one’s individual belief system . Controversies such as abortion allow the ego to forment separation between us and we find ourselves on side or the other shouting ‘I am right’ .

It urges us to go down these rabbit holes where we become confused and angry and when we want to leave, we can’t remember the way out . It allows the ego to continue the separation from each other as we defend our view points as if our lives depended on it .

A quick look at internet forums show how divisive this can be . An example could be where someone starts the thread by saying the sky is blue . Another contributor may agree but the third may enter the conversation accusing the others of being stupid and the sky is really a shade of indigo and the whole thread quickly descends into a farce . The ego loves division and in fact needs the energy to survive .

In my experience there is only one way to avoid these rabbit holes and that is by not entering them in the first place . Because we have different perspectives on Life, and we see Life with our own individual vision, it is inevitable there will be differences of opinion but this does not need to lead to division and strife . Differences in opinions can be an opportunity to join and see the world from another perspective to one’s own .

After all that, is he dead ? I don’t know is my answer and I think it is only important to the ego which wants us to get caught up in the saga . In the grand scheme, he has not died as nothing which is real can die, and that is the definitive answer to the question .

Interesting factoid :
9/11 is an emergency call and May 1st is Mayday which is an emergency call as well .


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