Dr Death

Euthanasia has been in the news here in Britain recently after the press discovered a video concerning euthanasia was being shown in schools to pupils over the age of fourteen . The video includes an interview with ‘Dr Death’ , Dr Philip Nitschke, the director of Exit International, and shows the machine which gives the lethal injections .

Anti euthanasia campaigners have voiced their concerns that it may cause disaffected teenagers to commit suicide but others have said it is a responsible treatment of a difficult subject . Even the Commander of the Star Trek Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard has a view on it . Sir Patrick Stewart, the actor who played Jean-Luc Picard has become a patron of ‘Dignity in Dying‘, an organisation which promotes euthanasia for those who want it , said :

I have the strongest feeling that, should the time come for me, having had no role in my birth I would like there to be a choice I might make about how I die .

Patrick Stewart looking a bit like The Grim Reaper

From my perspective, this battle between ‘pro-lifers’ and ‘pro-euthanasia camps’ is similar to the arguments surrounding abortion and misses out the enormous elephant in the room . There is no Death and no Birth . We are eternal beings who cannot be born or die and therefore the argument is moot . The argument concerns events which are not really happening !

These philosphical questions are moral conundrums purposefully set up to confuse and distract us from reality . They are the egos’ equivalent of a bear trap, an ego trap if you like, which once entered it is difficult to remove oneself from . This is deliberate and creates another degree of separation between the euthanasia advocates and pro-lifers .

Whilst we believe in our physical reality, we will have pointless arguments and debates on matters such as these .

There is no death and no birth – nothing matters !


3 thoughts on “Dr Death

  1. There is life and death, from a perspective.
    There is none of both, in another.
    There is no right and wrong, true or false, for both are equally right, equally wrong;
    they are simply perspective.

    Separating between perspectives too, is separation.
    Clinging to one perspective and missing another, too, is attachment, and thus;
    it is the trap of the ego.

      1. It does not matter. What really matters is the realization that perspective is simply perspective; a chunk of reality but not reality itself. One cannot understand reality by adopting a perspective and rejects another; one has to embrace them all, and transcend them altogether.

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