I Feel Your Pain

After many years in the company of healers and spiritual ‘ truthseekers’ I have observed the one personality trait which appears to be prized above others is empathy . Empathy is when you are able to put yourself in the shoes of others, and can recognize and sympathise with the pain that another person is feeling . Empathy comes from a good place and shows compassion by the empathisor ( if there is such a word ) .

However, there is misguided empathy and this comes from our distorted view of the world . Our ego believes in pain, death, poverty, misery etc but in reality none of these actually exist apart from in the Mind . Most of us know the pain when a relationship breaks down but this stems from the belief we have separated from this person . In reality we are always connected .

When someone else is experiencing ill health, we may empathise with their experience but again this is a distorted view of the experience as illness is an illusion . When a close relative or friend dies someone may feel bereft at their loss as they believe the other does not exist anymore but in fact there is no Death or separation . The compassionate person who offers empathy and sympathy can be just as caught up in the illusion as much as the person who is experiencing the pain .

True empathy comes when one is able to see through the illusion . However, when another person is experiencing serious pain it probably is not the right time to give the sufferer a lecture that their pain or loss is not real and just an illusion . Realisation tends to come when someone is in a stable state of mind .

Empathy is the flip side of self pity and both come from our belief in what is not real .Separation, pain and death are not real and what really needs to be healed is our belief in these experiences as it is only our belief in them which gives them life . We only see Death because we think it is real .

Empathy is a good quality and shows compassion . Unfortunately, there are those in this world who seem unable to feel anything and have completely shut off from their emotions and seem to have no compassion, and their egos have completely taken over . However for those who are able to feel compassion it is easy to get caught up in the illusion but when one realises the pain is not real, it doesn’t mean one should not help . Your help may save the day but remember the truth in the experience .




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