The Nature of Reality

In this post, I am going to give my thoughts on the nature of reality and the Life we experience . It is far different from our five sense perspective where we think our world is random and we are the victims of outside influences . I will attempt to show the different factors which determine our reality .



The World is not real

This is, perhaps, the most important idea to grasp . Our five senses show us a world made of separate objects and bodies but this is nothing more than an illusion . The world is more akin to a dream or virtual reality game in which we are the players and we imagine ourselves participating in a make believe world . We are not actually in the physical world but have projected ourselves into our bodies and have come to believe it is real – we are not here ! Nothing we are experiencing is real apart from in our Mind .

Death is not real

We are eternal beings who believe we are able to die . Our bodies are not real and our birth and death is only imaginary . We imagine that we live a life from infancy to old age and then pass away but this is only an illusionary journey . We think we have parents who gave us life but we have always been alive . It is only an imaginary body which ages and then dies – we are not our bodies .

We Are One

Our world shows us separate bodies who we think are detached from each other . Deep down we feel we are isolated and apart from the Universe . This is not true – we are connected to everything that has ever existed – it is only the illusion of separateness which makes us think we are not connected . We are One but have split into billions of different ‘units’ but it is only in our Mind does this illusion exist .

The Ego

For want of a better description, the ego is the part of us which believes it is a separated, isolated body in a cruel world . It tells us we are just physical beings who live and die and that’s all there is to us . Its main raison d’etre is to continue our separation from our spiritual Self, which could be described as God/Life/the Universe or whatever your individual label for the spiritual . It uses the physical world as a defence against the ending of this spiritual separation .

If the desires of the Ego are met, such as money and food then it is satisfied for a short period but this never lasts long and it is in a state of perpetual yearning . As Mick Jagger once said “I can’t get no satisfaction” – this is the ego speaking as it craves more and more .(thanks Rizal) . It needs enemies who will continue its view of the world as a dangerous place, who want to kill and hurt us . At its core, this is a belief that God is our enemy .

At the heart of the ego is a belief that we are guilty . This guilt is then projected out onto other bodies and objects and this can be seen in the ‘Law’ whose main purpose is to project and maintain this guilt . As spiritual beings, we are Innocence, which is the main focus of the Ego’s hatred which it tries to destroy . Paedophilia and child abuse cases are attempts to demolish this Innocence but Innocence is hardwired into our being and cannot ever die .

It is not real – there are no unconnected, separate beings .

It is our choice to be in the World

This is difficult for some to grasp but we made the original choice to separate from God and heaven . The Bible tells us we were exiled from heaven by God due to our sinful nature . This is not true – we are still in heaven apart from in our Mind but we have chosen to remain separate . We have forgotten this and this desire for separation from God is now hard wired into our consciousness . The present ‘ consciousness raising’ is intended to remove this faulty code from our psyche and return us to awareness of who we are and our place in the Universe .

There is no Time

There is no such thing as Time . In reality there is only the Now and the past and future only exist in the Mind . As the old saying goes ‘Tomorrow never comes’ as when we get there, it is Now . The past has gone and lives only due to our memory . Did past events ever happen or are they just figments of our imagination ? We are in fact replaying over and over again, our original decision to separate from God.

The Ego does not want us to accept the present as this is where our true spiritual Self lives and urges us to live in the future or the past . The Now is the only time there ever has been or ever will .

There are no Victims

From our five sense view of the world, it definitely seems there are victims . We read of wars, murders, rapes and natural disasters and if the world was real, it would be horrendous . The Victim is used by our ego as a main weapon in its war with God but in reality our spiritual Self cannot be harmed or killed . If we see ourselves as victims, then that is how our lives will be . I am not belittling the experiences of others but the Victim is a tool of the ego whilst our spiritual Self understands we are not hurt .

We are invulnerable to harm but this is different from the ego’s belief it is invincible . Invincible implies there is conflict but conflict only lives in the ego’s mind .

There is no Hell

Many religions refer to a Hell where we will be sent when we die due to our sins . We will have to experience an eternity of torture, like Tantalus who forever has to push a large ball up a hill and just when he gets to the top, the ball slips down again, and he has to continue doing this for ever . Only the righteous few, who God deems pure enough will be able to enter Heaven and the rest, presumably the majority, will have to experience the torments of Hell for ever .

This belief in Hell is actually a projection of our ego’s desire for revenge and punishment which we have projected onto a vengeful and cruel God which sustains the separation . The God Mind does not understand the concept of guilt and punishment and would not create such a place as Hell . The closest we will ever get to Hell is the pain caused by our separation .

The World reflects our Beliefs

To a large extent, the world is a mirror of our misguided beliefs . If we believe in death and poverty, then this is what we see and may experience in our lives . Any trait we see in another is actually a reflection of ourselves and this can be negative or positive . We may see Adolf Hitler as the ultimate in evil but the same forces which arose with Hitler and the Nazis reside in our ego . The same goes with more positive examples such as St Francis or the prophet Mohammed, as the goodness lives in everyone . I would add a rider in that some people are more ‘possessed’ by their ego beliefs than others and unfortunately, these people come to hold the reins of power and control in this physical reality .

We are addicted to the physical world

Buddhists speak of our attachment to the world and state this is the cause of our pain . I would describe it closer to an addiction and like a drug user, we cannot give up the habit even though we know it makes more sense to end the separation from our spiritual Self . The hardest choice for us to make, is to let go of the physical world, as it implies our death, as we believe we are bodies and without our body we are defenceless against this cruel and vicious God, we have invented . We will not die and cannot die – there is no death .


In short, we have got the world all wrong . In The Simpsons, Comic Book Man refers to Bizarro World where reality is inverted .We live in Bizarro World and what we believe to be real is false and what we believe to be important doesn’t really exist . We use the physical world as a defence against our spiritual Self and are unwilling to rejoin with it, even though we are only separated in our mind .

We made the original choice to separate and as we are free to make our own decisions, it is ultimately up to us if we want to rejoin . What do you choose ?


I am sure this article may trigger something in the reader and cause anger in others who hold different beliefs . I would love to hear from you with any comments whether you condemn me to Hell or have a more positive reaction .

I reserve the right to change my mind about the nature of reality, as I remember . However, I would ask if anybody sees me preaching Hellfire and Damnation, could they please put me out of my misery !


3 thoughts on “The Nature of Reality

  1. Condemn you to hell? That’s hilarious! 😀

    If I may…

    The world is not real, because it is just a perspective.
    Death is not real, because it is just a perspective. But then, immortality too is a perspective.
    Time is not real, it is simply how we perceive the continuum of moment. But no-time, too, is another perspective.
    Separation too is a perspective, but oneness too.

  2. Sorry, pressed the publish button before I finished 😀

    Ultimate wisdom is the recognition that everything, including the concept of oneness, is merely a perspective, a slice of Reality but not the Reality Itself; and treat all perspectives as interchangeable tools to comprehend Multifaceted Truth.

    Because attachment to the concept of oneness is as much error as attachment to separation; for it still divides, separates different perspective! True oneness includes all, including separation itself! Haha!

    1. You may or not be surprised there are others who would condemn me to hell . They normally say unless I am saved by Jesus I will go to hell but it looks like there are Moslem fundamentalists who have said the same to you . Never mind, I’ll just keep, keeping on .

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