The Last Judgment

The Last Judgment-Michaelangelo

The concept of The Last Judgment is used by our ego to continue our separation from our Self . It declares that we will be condemned as eternally guilty by God and thrown into the pits of hell for eternity, apart from the few who God deems sufficiently righteous enough to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven . I think there might be a fight between Christian and Moslem fundamentalists, and I’m not sure if one group is allowed in, the other will bother to enter .

In fact, God does not distinguish between different groups and does not recognize guilt . It is we who decide we are guilty and the Last Judgment will be the opposite from what we have been led to believe . This is explained in A Course in Miracles :


What is the Last Judgment ?

Christ’s Second Coming gives the Son of God this gift : to hear the Voice for God proclaim that what is false is false and what is true has never changed . And this the judgment is in which perception ends . At first you see a world that has been accepted this as true, projected from a now corrected mind . And with this holy sight, perception gives a silent blessing and then disappears, its goal accomplished and its mission done .

The final judgment on the world contains no condemnation . For it sees the world as totally forgiven, without sin and wholly purposeless . Without a cause and now without a function in Christ’s sight, it merely slips away to nothingness . There it was born and there it ends as well . And all the figures in the dream in which the world began go with it . Bodies are now useless and will therefore fade away because the Son of God is limitless .

You who believed that God’s Last Judgment would condemn the hell along with you, accept this holy truth . God’s Judgment is the gift of correction he bestowed on all your errors, freeing you from them, and all effects they ever seemed to have . To fear God’s saving grace is but to fear complete release from suffering, return to peace, security and happiness, and union with your own Identity .

God’s Final Judgment is as merciful as every step in His appointed plan to bless his Son and call him to return to the eternal peace He shares with him . Be not afraid of love . For it alone can heal all sorrow, wipe away all tears and gently waken from his dream of pain, the Son whom God acknowledeges as His . Be not afraid of this . Salvation asks you give it welcome . And the world awaits your glad acceptance, which will set it free .

This is God’s Final Judgment . You are still my holy Son, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved , as limitless as your Creator and completely changeless and forever pure . Therefore awaken and return to Me . I am your Father and you are My Son .


2 thoughts on “The Last Judgment

  1. Haha, this is where the concept of God Christians and Moslems shared, becomes problematic:

    If God is All Forgiving, why would He condemn anyone to Hell?

    I once asked this to a fundamentalist guy and his answer was, “you’ll be condemned to hell for questioning such a blasphemy!” LOL!

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