The Unquenchable Thirst

Our Mind is a myriad of need and wants . We are constantly thinking what we want, whether its a new car, house, job, relationship . This thinking is so ingrained, we don’t even challenge our Mind and ask, is this is what I really want and yet when we achieve our desire, we then manufacture a new target of desire .

We are in a constant state of yearning and our Mind is never satisfied with what we have or are . The Self Help industry is a good example of this, where we are urged to change ourselves . This state of eternal craving is actually quite deliberate .

My definition of the ego is that, it is the part of us which wishes to continue our separation from our larger Self . Our ego deliberately keeps us wanting and needing so that we never reach a state of acceptance where this larger Self lives . Our buttons are pushed 24 hours a day and most of the time we do not even notice or question it .

Our Self has no need or desire and is totally accepting of the present . The only desire it has is to give and is the antithesis of our ego . This is our natural state and the desires of our ego are only thoughts . The wishes of our ego are actually defences against this spiritual Self and looks to the objects of our desires, as protection from it .

The ego can never be satisfied and always wants more . It is not who we are and lives in constant fear of its death . If we start questioning our Mind, it tries to put the blame outside itself through projection . We always have what we need as Life is what we are and all there is, and will continue for eternity .


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