The Japan Earthquake


Firstly, my sympathies go to everyone who is caught up in the tsunami and earthquake in Japan . Disasters of this scale are difficult to comprehend and maybe there is more to come with the problems at the nuclear plants .

Even though the world seems seem to be literally falling apart, this is not the case in reality . The physical world is not real and what we see on our TV screens – dead bodies, collapsed houses and immense destruction are only an illusion . Nothing has been hurt in reality apart from in our Mind .

Everyone is always safe . We are dreaming of a world where death and destruction can occur and where fear triumphs, but it is Maya and everyone is unharmed . This is beautifully described in the famous lines from A Course in Miracles :

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing Unreal Exists
Herein lies the Peace of God


In reality, we have gone nowhere and are in ‘heaven’ as difficult as it is to realise . From Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch :

‘God’ to Neale Donald Walsch :

Let us make one thing clear here again . You are always immersed in the Divine . You are immersed in it right now . Indeed, you are it . You are Divinity, immersed in Divinity, expressing itself as the Individuated Aspect of Divinity known as You .

Therefore in the truest sense, you are not on a journey Home . You are already there . You are Home with God always .

You already are where you would seek to be .


It is only in the Mind that the world exists and it is only in the Mind where Death exists . We are safe and always will be .



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