Out of Bounds


When I was young ( age eight ) I was sent to a boarding school in England . Contrary to popular myth, the school was very good and welcoming with a strong educational emphasis .

After the children had got over the shock of leaving their home and parents, which took about three days, it was easy to get into the routine . It was stressed that it would not be long till we saw our parents which eased any residual separation anxiety .

The school had large grounds in which the boys could roam and much to my delight ( not for some others ) we played sports virtually every day . Football in the autumn term, rugby in the spring term, and cricket and tennis in the summer . When the boys ( there weren’t any girls which was not a great loss at eight ) weren’t being educated or playing sports, there was a very large part of a forest where we could play freely .We were probably the healthiest children there have ever been .

If you can imagine a smaller Hogwarts without the magic, you’ll get the picture . The school was very good and for its age group, it is now reputed to be the most expensive school in Britain, even though it definitely wasn’t when I was there, as I remember leaking roofs and a lack of central heating, but there is more to life than comfort .

The school was full of rules, which we broke with regularity but there was one rule which was enforced with the utmost seriousness . We were not allowed to leave the school bounds unless on a school trip or to play sports matches against the other schools . The reason given was that it was for our own safety .




One day, another pupil and myself decided we were going to break this rule and leave the school and buy some sweets at a shop which was about 1/2 mile from the school . We went ‘ out of bounds ‘ but to my surprise, we weren’t set upon by other children or stopped by the police, and returned to the school without anybody being the wiser, apart from the other boys . For about three days, I was revered as a God for my bravery .

The reason I retell this story is that it is exactly what is occurring in our Mind . The core reason for the dysfunction in this world is our disconnection from our spiritual Self, God or the Universe depending on your own term for the spiritual .

We are told we should fear God, who has thrown us out of heaven because we are sinners . Our spiritual teachers, the priests, imams and rabbis  speak of a vengeful God who sacrificed his Son for these sins and in Judaism the name of God should not be mentioned . And so we remain stuck in our own little mental school, not daring to go ‘ Out of Bounds ‘ because we are told to join with God is dangerous and it is safer to remain in our separated world .




It is not true – Life/God is not vengeful or punishing but it can seem so, if we believe it to be . We have not left heaven apart from in our Mind and it is our choice to remain separated . It is true this belief has become so ingrained in our Mind that it cannot be removed without spiritual help, which is happening at present, but ultimately it is our own wish to be separated .

It is time to go Out of Bounds and ignore the cries of our internal and external teachers who want us to remain in our own cocoon, and rejoin with our spiritual Self, but it means leaving behind our school boy beliefs and becoming adults . There is nothing to fear .


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