There’s Not Enough


At present, the world is going through a period of shortage . We are still dealing with the financial effects of the world recession and also it seems we are about to experience a period of food shortages .

Many people advocate a return to a simpler, less  materialistic lifestyle and manage on less resources but it is not the answer, just a band aid because even if we adopt a greener outlook on Life, we will still experience the same problem . The cause of shortage always has one reason – our underlying belief  ‘ there is not enough ‘.

This poverty consciousness comes from our Ego’s view of the world . Of course it is impossible to live in a real world where there is not enough, as the Universe always supplies us with enough but following the dictum that our beliefs shape our reality, this belief in poverty creates the situation where it appears there is not enough .

We are Rich – it is as much a part of our real condition as our Innocence and Eternal nature . The Universe is abundant but because our false Self believes in poverty, then poverty is what we experience, even if we have the riches of Croesus .

As part of the Awakening, we will have to experience ‘ not having enough ‘ so that the poverty consciousness can be triggered and brought to the surface for release . In actuality, there is always enough and it is linked to our core belief  ‘ we are not good enough ‘ and need something outside of ourselves to complete us .

We are always ‘ good enough ‘ – it is impossible not to be but we think there’s something wrong with us . You and I are perfect and so is everything – it is only in our Mind that it is not so and our Mind can be changed .




3 thoughts on “There’s Not Enough

    1. Great to hear from you – what is happening with your site ? I tried to view it the other day and it wasn’t there . I know what you mean but we are always good enough – its all linked to our attachment to our bodies and the physical world in general . ( don’t worry I see your site is ok now )

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