No Escape


The consciousness shift seems to have reached a new stage . Time is still accelerating, the weather is behaving strangely with dramatic snowfall in America and apocalyptic flooding in Australia . There are major political developments in Tunisia and Egypt, as the countries get fed up with their dictatorial leaders . The world’s economy is all over the place and UFOs are seen in the skies, almost daily it seems .



Northern Hemisphere covered in snow


This is not going to stop – the shift will continue . It is easier to understand if you think of the world as consciousness and not just as a physical entity . These external events are reflections of what is happening in our Mind . Our Egoic mind is under attack and we are being urged to leave our selfish traits behind us and join with our Self .

This resistance can be seen in the world’s governments’ wheeling and dealing as they struggle to hang on to power . In our personal lives, we are confronted with the parts of us which we have kept hidden and would rather not face . All sorts of revelations are being revealed as we deal with this force and expect more over the next few years .

There is no escape and it will continue until we reach the next level of consciousness . Acceptance is the key – accept what happens in the world and your emotions as best as you can . Just keep getting up each morning and one day we will wake up to a reborn World .




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