Alien Hand Syndrome



The video above shows a patient who has a mysterious condition known as Alien Hand Syndrome . What happens is that the left hand literally takes on a life of its own and won’t respond to orders from the rational side of our brain .

One ‘ victim ‘ said :

“I’d light a cigarette, balance it on an ashtray, and then my left hand would reach forward and stub it out. It would take things out of my handbag and I wouldn’t realise so I would walk away. I lost a lot of things before I realised what was going on.”

Sometimes it can effect the left leg as well and the sufferer may find themselves walking round in circles until some form of order is restored . The Alien Hand may act without the knowledge  of the person and they may find themselves unbuttoning their shirt and not being aware of it .

It normally occurs in patients who have had brain surgery for epilepsy and while it may help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy, a small minority end up with Alien Hand Syndrome . Doctors now believe there is a power struggle within the brain between the left and right hand side of the brain . In effect there are two forms of separate consciousness within the brain .

I believe Alien Hand Syndrome is a magnified version of what goes on within the consciousness of everyone . For example, we may know an addiction is bad for us and we may want to stop the addiction but our other consciousness wishes to continue the addiction, for reasons known only to itself .

There are times when we find ourselves saying or doing things which we would not normally do and it maybe the same consciousness which is behind Alien Hand Syndrome is in control on these occasions .

We normally keep this consciousness out of sight but I think the answer is to allow it to come to the surface . Sometimes it is not very pretty but it is important for the psyche to allow it to breathe .


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